Raid Tactic Guide: Champion of the Light Ra'wani / Frida

The alliance and Horde have different bosses, but the abilities are exact the same.

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Zealotry (Important)

  • Fills the boss with the might of the crusade, increasing Holy damage done by 2 % and stacks.

Tactic: Zealotry

Heads up for abilities during the fight that will give the boss Zealotry

Sacred Blade (tanks)

  • A debuff that does Holy damage every 2 sec and stacks.
  • The debuff lasts for 10 seconds.
  • A new stack each 5 seconds.

Tactic: Sacred Blade (tanks)

Swap either when:

  • Taking to high damage
  • When an add group are dead

Or, kite the boss to clear the stacking debuff.

Wave of Light 

  • Releases a wave of holy light towards one of its adds and heals 5% of their max health every 1 sec for 7 sec.
  • This wave does Holy damage to all enemies it hits.
  • If the allies (adds) are dead already, the wave will target a player.

Tactic: Wave of Light

  • Tank boss on one side of the platform.
  • Tank adds on the other side of the platform
  • Adds-Tank must move adds away.
  • Dps
  • Nuke the caster first because they will be harder to move away from the wave.
  • Interrupt the caster add when wave so it will follow the tank when tank player moves them away from the wave.

Crusader´s Seals

  • At the beginning of the fight, boss will cast a seal buff upon herself, giving her additional abilities and gains energy.
  • At 100 energy boss releases the seal and cause an additional effect.

Seal of Retribution

  • Boss buffs nearby allies (adds) that increase their dmg and healing done.
  • If an add dies while having this buff, boss gains 20 stacks of Zealotry
  • Boss does Retribution Wave during this seal: wave of light in all direction that does holy dmg.
  • If the boss is near allies (adds) during this seal, it gains Aura of Retribution: increase dmg and heal done by 15%.
  • When the boss has 100 energy it will boost an add with 200% and 150% heal (Release Seal – Righteous Blessing)

Seal of Reckoning

  • Attacks on boss will buff the boss with Zealotry (except tank that has Sacred Blade debuff).
  • Boss strikes the tank with Reckoning that does high Holy damage.
  • When the boss has 100 energy it will release High Holy damage to all nearby players.

Tactic: Crusader´s Seals

Tank boss away from the adds (Boss on one side of the platform, and the adds on the other side).

Move adds away from the waves.

Do NOT attack any adds during Seal of Retribution, switch and attack boss instead.
Do NOT attack boss during Seal of Reckoning, switch and attack adds instead

Swap to the add with the buff Righteous Blessing and nuke it fast. That’s the only time you attack adds during Seal of Retribution.

Make sure you are not close to boss when it reaches 100 energy during Seal of Reckoning.

Avenging Wrath

When below 30% health, boss is buffed and increase damage done by 30% health.

Tactic: Avenging Wrath

Blood Lust /Timewarp / Heroism when boss reaches 30% Health.

Call to Arms/ Forces of the Crusade

During the fight, boss will summon adds (one Disciple and two Crusaders per time).
The same amount of adds will also be at start of the fight together with boss.


  • This is a caster and all spells can be interrupted.
  • Divine burst does very high Holy Damage.
  • Penance does holy damage on a player or heals 2% of max health on an add every second for 5 seconds.
  • Heal does a bigger heal on an add.

2 Crusaders

  • Crusader Strike does holy damage on tank.
  • Blinding Faith disorients ALL players that faces the add, for 5 sec.
  • Consecration does holy damage pool on ground that looks like a hammer. Players that stand on it takes damage. Adds that stand on it gets 50% dmg reduction.

Tactic: Call to Arms/ Forces of the Crusade

Make sure you move the adds away from the consecration fast.

Some heavy dmg abilities like Crusader Strike and Divine Burst, beware.

Have specific players on interrupts on adds, especially the healing ones, Penance and Heal.
Kill the caster first.

Make sure you turn away when Crusaders do Blinding Faith.

Divine Protection (HEROIC MODE)

Boss puts a protection on an add that reduces the dmg taken by 99% for 6 sec.

Tactic: Divine Protection (HEROIC MODE)

  • Nuke the other adds instead.


19 Jan 2019