All profession Bags with Power in the War Within

We are getting profession bags in the War Within with a special touch on it. These bags are 38-slot bags and will also have special profession specific power. 

The profession that can craft these bags are Tailors. The normal tailoring trainer will no teach how craft them so they need to find these recipes and learn how to craft them. 

Here are the different profession bags in the war within. Here are also the vendors that sells the patterns. 


Pattern: Darkmoon Duffle
Power: Transcribing a Khaz Algar Darkmoon Card has a 5% chance to create another. 

Leatherworking / skinning

Pattern. Hideshaper´s Workbag
Power: Increases your Multicraft rating by 10 when crafting Thunderous Drums. 

Blacksmithing /Mining 

Pattern: Excavator´s Haversack
Power: The cooldown of Overload Empowered Deposit is reduced by 1% when mining. 


Pattern: Gardener´s Seed Satchel
Power: The cooldown of Overload Empowered Deposit is reduced by 1% when gathering herbs in Khaz Algar. 


Pattern: Jeweler´s Purse
Power: Increase the maximum yield of Crushed Gemstone from Algari Crushing by 1. 


Pattern: Magically “Infinite” Messenger
Power: The amount of Resourcefulness, Ingenuity and Multicraft provided by Shatter Essence is increased by 1. 


Pattern: Concotor´s Clutch
Power: Increases the chance Algari experimentations discover new recipe by 1%. 


Pattern: Prodigy´s Toolbox
Power: Increases the yield of Algari scrap from most sources by 1.

28 Jun 2024