Pre-Patch Gear Dragonflight – More items added

On the latest Alpha build, the pre-patch vendors in Stormwind and Orgrimmar has been relocated. I couldn’t find the Alliance vendor, but the Horde vendor was not so far from previous location (same tower).

If you want to know all items added in the pre-patch vendor: (

Gear ilvl

The gear item level has not been changed. We still have 252 ilvl gear from the pre-patch vendor.

More items added

In the latest build we also see new items added to the vendor.

Two types of trinkets are added.

  • Versatile Storm Lure
    Your damaging and healing abilities have a chance to deal an additional 2,113 nature damage to enemies or heal an ally for an additional 3,173 health.

  • Storm Hunter´s Insignia
    Your damaging and healing abilities have chance to grant you Storm´s Eye, increasing your highest secondary stat by 357 for 10 sec.

A toy is also added in the vendor.

  • Bag of Furious Winds
    Vacuum critters for 10 sec.


27 Aug 2022