Patch 10.2.6 Launches on March 19th

EDIT 2024-03-15

This has now been CONFIRMED.
10.2.6 goes live on 19th of March.

Here is also a clue as to what may come.

When is 10.2.6 coming out
Excitement is building among World of Warcraft players as Patch 10.2.6 approaches. Divided into two parts, this patch promises to deliver an exhilarating experience through the highly anticipated secret Skull-Theme event and the upcoming Season 4. Get ready for a double dose of adventure and surprises!

For weeks, the community has eagerly awaited news on Patch 10.2.6. While previous announcements left us craving more information, a recent  article by Holly Longdale failed to provide any new details regarding retail WoW. The roadmap already unveiled at the end of last year assured players that Patch 10.2.6 would arrive in March, with Season 4 following closely behind.

A roadmap graphic of planned content releases for 2024 with banners for each update arranged on a linear timeline spanning from winter to autumn. The WoW logo appears at the top with the title “2024 Roadmap”. The banners read as follows:Seeds of Renewal – 10.2.5: Dragon Isles Epilogues, Reclamation of Gilneas, Dragonriding Worldwide, Follower Dungeons, Azerothian Archives, Outland Cup, Hearthstone Anniversary Event10.2.6 – No text, only a skull and crossbonesSeason 4: Dragonflight Raids Revisited, New PvP Season, New Mythic+ Season, New Open World RewardsDark Heart – 10.2.7: Timerunning: Pandamonium, Harbinger Quests, Troll & Draenei Heritage Armor, New Holiday EventThe War Within Pre-Patch: World Events, Warbands, Dynamic Flight, Guild UpdatesThe War Within: Campaign Story, Delves, Hero Talents, Earthen Allied Race, 4 New Zones, 8 New Dungeons, New Raid, New PvP SeasonThe War Within Content Update – 11.0.5: Story & Quests, New Content & System Updates, 20th Anniversary Event.

According to the road map (and Holly Longdale ´s post), we are getting patch 10.2.6 in march followed by Season 4 later on. As we enter the final week of February, there has been no news regarding the highly anticipated 10.2.6 secret Skull-theme event. Consequently, it is unlikely that the event will take place during the first week of March. This is due to the fact that Blizzard would typically announce the event date one week in advance, which would provide very short notice to the players. It is worth noting that this event holds a unique position within World of Warcraft retail, as it is the only one for which we have no information regarding its content. Blizzard has been building anticipation for this event over the past two months, resulting in players' keen interest to discover what it has in store.

The second week of March brings with it the Hearthstone Anniversary event, a celebration packed with exciting in-game activities and tavern games held in capital cities throughout the day. This event will last for one week. With this event already creating a buzz, it's clear that launching the 10.2.6 secret Skull-Theme event simultaneously would be overwhelming. Therefore, it's only logical that these two amazing events be spread out over time, ensuring that players can fully immerse themselves in each unique experience.

Finally, we arrive at the third week of March, where our patience is rewarded. Although the launch of the 10.2.6 secret Skull-Theme event is slightly delayed according to the roadmap, it's slated to hit the servers on the 19th of March in the US and the 20th of March in the EU. Mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the unknown.

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