Patch 10.2.6 info from Blizzard

Blizzard posted information on the upcoming patch 10.2.6 which highlights: 

  • The upcoming content update for Dragonflight will not have a Public Test Realm (PTR) as it has traditionally had in the past.
  • The update will be released in March.
  • The update will include everything needed for Dragonflight Season 4 but will be hidden.
  • Season 4 will be made available for testing on a 10.2.6 PTR after the launch of the update.
  • The decision to not have a PTR for this update is to release content with surprises and prevent data mining or advance reveals.
  • The WoW team wants to see the community's reaction and feedback to this type of surprise.
  • The WoW team acknowledges that this is a risky experiment and there may be some hiccups along the way.
  • The WoW team aims for a solid and quality launch and is prepared to address any problems or issues that may arise.
  • The details of the update and its surprises will be revealed in March

Here is the full text of the blue post:

As many have noticed, this is the first period of time since Dragonflight launched that we haven’t had an active PTR and we understand that it is creating some curiosity.

For the 10.2.6 patch for Dragonflight, we created what we think is a unique event inspired by past musings from the community. We can say that it is open to anyone with a WoW subscription if they want to participate (Classic or Dragonflight players). That's all we’re going say. Sorry, not sorry? Our goal is to continue to keep it secret— and keep it safe. The speculation is great! We watched the reaction to the surprises in Season of Discovery and thought we’d try a similar, but different, approach for Dragonflight.
That means there will be no PTR (Public Test Realm) for a portion of the next content update as we have traditionally done. What we can say is that it will be coming in March. A finer point, but the update will also include everything that’s needed for Dragonflight Season 4 but will be hidden. Around (after) the launch of the update we will make Season 4 available for testing on a 10.2.6 PTR before it goes live.
Why are we doing this? We like the idea of releasing content that has some surprises and isn’t datamined or revealed in advance. We also like to see the joy the community gets out of uncovering it all together as they all jump in to play. We look forward to seeing if the community likes this type of surprise and look forward to hearing your feedback. This is risky experiment and could be a bit bumpy, though we are doing everything we can to ensure success.
The WoW team prides itself on ensuring a solid, quality launch. We are sensitive and reactive to problems and issues that can and might arise, so I hope you can forgive us if we experience some hiccups with this experiment and work alongside us as we try this out in March. ALL WILL BE REVEALED THEN!

7 Feb 2024