Patch 10.1.5 Release Date is out

Blizzard posted today  that patch 10.1.5 is coming out on

- 11th of July for US 

- 12th of July for EU

An infographic of the major features in the upcoming Fractures in Time patch. The top half of the graphic features an image of an ornate golden wall with a glowing hourglass beaming light upwards. Nearby text reads “Dawn of the Infinite – New Mega-Dungeon”. To the left of the image is the Dragonflight logo in gold with text below that reads “Fractures in Time – July 11”. The lower half of the graphic is divided into multiple boxes, each showing new features. The first box is labeled “Time Rifts – New Public Events” and shows The Lich King, King Mechagon, and a human with long gray hair and an eyepatch, all standing in front of a glowing gold portal. The next box is labeled “Augmentation – Evoker Specialization” and shows a gray and blue Dracthyr with gold and blue armor roaring triumphantly. The three smaller boxes to the right include the Kalimdor Cup, Whelp Daycare, and Warlock Updates.

20 Jun 2023