• In this encounter you will fight 4 pantheon prototypes.
    Prototype War is the image of The Primus.
    Prototype Duty is the image of The Archon.
    Prototype Renewal is the image of The Winter Queen.
    Prototype Absolution is the image of Sire Denathrius.

  • This fight has 3 phases.
    In phase 1, you will fight Prototype War and Prototype Duty.
    In phase 2, you will fight Prototype Renewal and Prototype Absolution
    In phase 3, you will fight all 4 at the same time.
    Phase 2 starts when a Prototype reaches 50% health.
    Phase 3 starts when a Prototype reaches 50% health.
    War & Duty share health %.
    Renewal & Absolution share health %.

  • PHASE 1
    Tank the bosses on top center and stack them up. Tank a boss each.
    Tank swap each
    Interrupt The cast War does.
    4 adds will spawn on each side of the platform – kill them fast.
    Players with debuff runs in to the dome and get dispelled.
    Do NOT dispell players until they are inside the dome.
    Dodge swirls and destroy the spear to save pkayer if hit by swirl.
    When pushback, use healing cooldown to top up health on raid.

  • PHASE 2
    The bosses come from the sides. Take bosses to the left side where Renewal comes out.
    Tank a boss each.
    Face Absolution away from raid.
    Tank swap each Wracking Pain.
    Interrupt Renewal.
    Dodge anima prototypes that walks in straight lines.
    Dodge whirlwinds.
    Full heal the seeds when they spawn.
    Absolution pulls all to him and explode raid – run away when pulled in.
    Absolution spawns loads of small pools on the ground, dodge them.

  • PHASE 3
    Phase 3 starts when a boss has 50% health.
    All 4 bosses will now enter the platform.
    You will fight the 4 bosses and all their abilities they had in phase 1 and 2.
    Same tactics as before.
    Stack up all the 4 bosses.
    The main difference is for the tanks.
    One tank on Duty and War.
    One tank on Renewal and Absolution.
    Tank swap between Duty and Absolution when after Duty does Humbling Strikes.
    Remember to face Absolution away from raid.
19 Feb 2022