Season 4 Outdoor Gear ilvl changes based on Awakened Content

Before we go through how the outdoor gearing will work, a huge shoutout to Toolock who had this theory from start of the Season 4 build and to @patf0rd for checking it out on a build that havent been updated for a long time just to double check and noticed the pattern. 

Each week we will get outdoor content that are Awakened. You can see which content is awakened based on the “Last hurrah” weekly Valdrakken quest.  Last Hurrah has replaced the previous "Aiding the Accord" quest. 

Upon accepting the Last Hurrah quest, you will have the opportunity to choose one of three empowered zone quests.

Each quest will take you to different areas and require you to assist various factions in their endeavors. Here are the options:

Last Hurrah: Dragon Isles

In this quest, following parts will be Awakened: 

  • Community feast 
  • The Hunts
  • Dragonbane Keep

Last Hurrah: Emerald Dream

In this quest, following parts will be Awakened: 

  • Superbloom
  • Quest to gather hundred Dreamsurge Coalescence rewards currency to buy gear and a cache which contains gear. 

Last Hurrah: Zaralek Caverns and Time Rifts

In this quest, following events will be Awakened: 

  • Researchers under fire event
  • Fyrrak Assault chest
  • Fyrrak Assault boss loot

You can also mouse over the events to see the “Awakeend” tag. 

What is the ilvl gear from outdoor Awakened objectives?

What we have seen on PTR is that we are getting Veteran Gear, 480 ilvl and this gear can be upgraded all the way to 502 ilvl. 

20 Apr 2024