Order Resources to earn rep with Argussian Reach!!

In patch 7.3 there is a new Reputation Faction called Argussian Reach. This reputation faction has a vendor that sells really cool and good things. Check my guide link below for Argussian Reach vendor.

There is a really good way to earn reputation with this faction but you need to unlock it.
There is a quest chain tied to your class hall followers, champions and missions. I have a very good guide covering the entire quest chain, link is below. Early of the quest chain, you can buy troops from Hatuun when you are on Krokul Hovel in Krokuun (the 1st Argus zone).


The first time you buy troops for 250 Order Resources, you get 75 rep.
After that, each time you buy troops, which will cost you 900 Order Resources, you will get 10 reputation with the Argussian Reach.

This is a good alternative way to grind gear as well.

Patch 7.3: Guide for the new Reputation Factions

7.3 Guide and walkthrough: Champions, troops, equipment

16 Aug 2017