NEW TRINKETS in 10.1.5

In patch 10.1.5 we are getting 8 new trinkets. These trinkets are tied to the Time Rift event coming in this patch.

  • Paracausal Fragment of Frostmourne
  • Paracausal Fragment of Val´anyr
  • Paracausal Fragment of Thunderfin, Humid Blade of the Tideseeker
  • Paracausal Fragment of Azzinoth
  • Paracausal Fragment of Sulfaras
  • Paracausal Fragment of Shalamayne
  • Paracausal Fragment of Seschenal
  • Paracausal Fragment of Doomhammer

These are ilvl 250 on the PTR, if it is intended or not will be answered soon or when it comes to live server. 

The power of the trinkets differs between what class/spec it is when it comes to the Paracausal Fragment of Frostmourne for melee, you get this power on that trinket. 

For spell dmg classes, you get this one. 

For healers, you get this one. 

On you can choose class and spec for each trinket to find out how the trinket power will be for your character. 

How to get the new 10.1.5 trinkets (Paracausal Fragment Trinkets)

Head to Thyrhold Reservoir, where the Time Rift event takes place in 10.1.5, see map. Here you will find the vendor(s) tied to the TIme Rift event. There are 7 vendors where each one is tied to the alternative Azeroth World. We will see when this will be live regarding if all the vendors will be up and available, or if only one vendor will be up based on what Time Rift event it is that specific week. 


4 Jun 2023