The starting zone (The Forbidden Reach) for Dracthyr will become a “new zone” for max leveled players in patch 10.0.7. On this island, there is a big vault inside a mountain called Zskera Vaults. 

This vault looks like a tower inside the mountain. It consists of 4 floors with loads of doors and each door leads to its small room (more info further down). 


The Zskera Vault 

When entering the vault, there is an elite mob in the center and small enemies around (Not always the same enemy). Killing this elite gives you access to perks, such as transforming to a skeleton that enables you to jump higher. This first floor consists of 4 doors that are locked. The second, third and fourth floor consists of 8 doors each, with a total of 29 doors. You reach each floor by using a bubble elevator which you activate by finding an item (in on the of locked rooms) for it. 

The locked doors

When you open a door, it will remain open during the day, but after the daily reset, all doors are closed and locked again. To open a locked door, you need a special key called Zskera Vault key. You will get 6 keys at the introduction of the vault and 3 more via a quest. You get more keys by killing and looting rares in the island, Forbidden Reach.There are around 15 rares that have a 100% loot of the keys. You can also get keys from special chests in the island. These chests are called Forbidden Hoard and similar to rares, they have 100% loot of the keys. 


The rooms in the vault consist of chests, items, enemies, traps and puzzles. You need some items from one room to be able to loot items in another room. ‘

  • New Player Power - PRIMORDIAL STONES

A new player power called Primordial Stones. These are gems that you add to a special gear that we don't know what it is yet. There are loads of different primordial stones. Some do AoE dmg, some do Single target dmg, some heals and some are defensive. 

You will have several Primordial Stones in the gear because there are some stones that empower otherones. 

You get Primordial gems by looting primordial chests inside the locked rooms in the Vault. 

  • Currency: Neltharion Gift Token

Most chests have a currency called Neltharion Gift Token. These tokens are given to robot in one of the rooms. This robot is called Prototype Tinker-Tron. When you give a token to Tinker-Tron, you will be rewarded with a package called Tattered Gift. On PTR (the first build), the gift consists of grey items. It will probably have a chance on cooler items. 


  • Pets


One of the pets you can get inside Zskera Vaults is Kobaldt. This pet can be obtained in two ways. 

- In a locked room. It is frozen and you need an item from another room to remove the ice from the pet and then you will be rewarded with the Kobaldt pet. 


- A quest called Prinodial Answers, where you need to find 4 stones in different rooms. Completing this quest rewards the Kobaldt pet.



Another pet you can get inside Zskera Vaults is the Glided Mechafrog. You get this by bying a Tattered Gift Box, from Prototype Tinket-Tron inside one of the rooms in the Vault. 

  • Toys

One of the toys that you can get from the tower is Holowviewer: The Scarlet Queen. This toy summons a hologram of Alzextrazsa. You get this toy in one of the rooms that has different Holograms. 



6 Feb 2023