NEW "Old" Scholomance & Profession Transmogs coming back in 10.1.5


These are speculation notes. 

Back in the days, Eva was part of a questline to to burn her corpse and tied to the doctor in scholo.

(image from wowhead)

When you find that journal, you start a questline. This questlines also leads to that you will perform a Ritual. 

This ritual takes you back to her diary version of Scholomance. Where you will face Gandling again and old bosses such as Kirtonos the Herald. 

We also got the achievement you looting Darkmaster Scourgestone in there, which leads to the quest:

(image from wowhead)

Completing that quest gives you the buff to loot scourgestones

(image from wowhead)

with scourge stones you turn in to get Argent Dawn Tokens

With Argent Dawn tokens, you get Archived Crafting Techniques and learn old profession crafting. 

26 May 2023