NEW HOLIDAY EVENT Coming 13th-19th of July.

A new holiday event is coming out in patch 10.2.7 according to World of warcraft Roadmap. 

A roadmap graphic of planned content releases for 2024 with banners for each update arranged on a linear timeline spanning from winter to autumn. The WoW logo appears at the top with the title “2024 Roadmap”. The banners read as follows:Seeds of Renewal – 10.2.5: Dragon Isles Epilogues, Reclamation of Gilneas, Dragonriding Worldwide, Follower Dungeons, Azerothian Archives, Outland Cup, Hearthstone Anniversary Event10.2.6 – No text, only a skull and crossbonesSeason 4: Dragonflight Raids Revisited, New PvP Season, New Mythic+ Season, New Open World RewardsDark Heart – 10.2.7: Timerunning: Pandamonium, Harbinger Quests, Troll & Draenei Heritage Armor, New Holiday EventThe War Within Pre-Patch: World Events, Warbands, Dynamic Flight, Guild UpdatesThe War Within: Campaign Story, Delves, Hero Talents, Earthen Allied Race, 4 New Zones, 8 New Dungeons, New Raid, New PvP SeasonThe War Within Content Update – 11.0.5: Story & Quests, New Content & System Updates, 20th Anniversary Event.
We can spot that event on the ingame calendar on the PTR. This event starts 13th of july and ends on the 19th of july. We have no name on the event yet. There is only a placeholder at the moment. 


26 Apr 2024