NEW EVENT in Patch 10.0.5

A new event will come out in patch 10.0.5. This event will be testable on a later PTR update. This is what we know so far.


A new event has begun taking place in The Primalist Future! Head to the portal that can be found at the Temporal Conflux in Thaldraszuz, and The Storm’s Fury event will spin up every 5 hours.

The Primalists are bringing some of their strongest forces to bear to preserve their future plans and dominate Azeroth. You will want to head out with a group of mighty adventurers to seal their portals and defeat their mighty monstrosities.

For participating, you will receive Essence of the Storm, which can be exchanged for rewards. Look out for other vendors who can sell you items to help weather the storm, as the Primalists try to Freeze all of their enemies to the bone.

21 Dec 2022