New Dragonriding Titles - Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms

We are getting Dragonriding Racing events in World of Warcraft that will take place in Kalimdor and in Eastern Kingdom.

When are the Dragondring Cup events

The first event is the Kalimdor Cup which starts on 15th of August and lasts for 2 weeks. 
The second event is the Eastern Kingdoms Cup which starts in 4th of October and lasts for 2 weeks. 

Kalimdor Cup Title

We have seen earlier that the Kalimdor Cup has an Achievement “Kalimdor Racing Completionist: Gold” that requires you to complete all races in Kalimdor with Gold reward. 

This achievement rewards the Title: Kalimdor Racer <Name>

Eastern Kingdom Title

On the latest 10.1.7 build there is an achievement called “Eastern Kingdom Racing Completionist. But it doesn't say that gold is required and that is probably because it is PTR and not fully updated yet. 

There is a title in the database, called Eastern Kingdoms Racer <Name>

22 Jul 2023