New Dragonriding Skin Color - Infinite Scales coming in patch 10.1.5 and how to get them

A new Dragonriding skin color is coming for all 5 Dragonriding mounts:

  • Renewed Proto-Drake: Infinite Scales
  • Cliffside Wylderdrake: Infinite Scales
  • Windborne Velocidrake: Infinite Scales
  • Winding Slitherdrake: Infinite Scales
  • Highland Drake: Infinite Scales

How to get Infinite Scales

You can get them from the last boss in the new Megadungeon, Dawn of the Infinite which is a new 8 man dungeon coming out in patch 10.1.5. 

It is not a 100% loot chance but the loot chance is very high. I have seen that it differs between the entire group getting one each and that only 2 players got it in the 5-man group. 

You can only get maximum one Infinite Scale per loot, soi if you want all 5, then you need atleast 5 kills on the last boss in Dawn of the Infinite. 

How does Infinite Scales look?






26 Jun 2023