Mythic Blackrock Foundry out this week Raid Finder next week

Today (US) and tomorrow (EU) you can enter Blackrock Foundry in Mythic difficulty!

And for those who waited for the Raid Finder to open, The First Wing opens next week :)

February 3 (US), 4 (EU), 2015:

- Blackrock Foundry opens with Normal and Heroic difficulties accessible.
-World Boss  Rukhmar will become available in Spires of Arak

February 10 (US), 11 (EU), 2015:

- Mythic difficulty becomes available.

February 17 (US) 18 (EU), 2015:

- Raid Finder Wing 1, Slagworks (Gruul, Oregorger, and The Blast Furnace) unlocks.

February 24 (US) 25 (EU, 2015:

- Raid Finder Wing 2 The Black Forge (Hans’gar and Franzok, Flamebender Ka’graz, and Kromog ) unlocks.

March 10 (US) 11 (EU), 2015:

- Raid Finder Wing 3 Iron Assembly (Beast Lord Darmac, Operator Thogar, and The Iron Maidens) unlocks.

March 24 (US) 25 (EU), 2015:

- Raid Finder Wing 4 Blackhand’s Crucible (Blackhand) unlocks.

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10 Feb 2015