My Own Frost Mage Guide

On the patch 6.0.2 (6.0.3). It is not accurate to compare fire vs frost and arcane vs frost. Why? Well:

The most important secondary stats for Arcane is mastery and for Fire it is Crit. These gets boosted by the 5.4 gear.
For Frost, the most important secondary stat is Multistrike, which there are very few (almost no) gear that has it.

On patch 6.1 Mirror Image got nerfed. 

Highest dps long fights: Arcane > (=) Frost  > Fire

Highest dps burst:  Frost > Arcane > Fire

New stat for Frost: Multistrike.

Secondary stats: Multistrike > Haste > Mastery > Crit

Talent Tree

15                 Blazing Speed/ Ice Floes         

Comment:       Both are good depending on fight.
                       Blazing Speed is very good since it will be like an extra blink.
                       If you need to move away fast from incoming damage.
                       Ice Floes is good on fights in which there will be a lot of movement
                       while doing damage.

30                 Ice Barrier

Comments:     Always good to use during all fight and time it on heavy incoming
                       damage. The reason why Alter Time is a no no is basically because
                       the opening rotation is not the same anymore in which Alter Time
                       gave that extra damage. It does not capture procs anymore so thumb
                       down for Alter time.

45                   Ring of Frost/Frostjaw/Ice Ward

Comments:     People say this is a PvP choice only. Lets agree to disagree

                       Ring of frost can definitely be used on PvE. When doing dungeons
                       or raid and many mobs are incoming, it can be good to freeze some
                       of them while nuking the others, at the same time helping tanks
                       from getting a lot of damage and making it easier for healers.

                       The one you should have thou for boosting your dps is Ice Ward
                       since it will give you extra finger of frost if there are mobs around
                       the player you use it on

60                 Cauterize

Comments:       Best choice for PvE. Enough said.

75                 Ice Nova
                      Frost Bomb if Tier 17 set bonus

Comments:      This row is completely changed.
                        Icy Nova does 100% increased damage on the target and does
                        damage to ALL nearby targets and freezing them for 2s.

                        Frost Bomb is not like it was before, now it works like a dot instead.
                        This dot incrases the damage you do with Ice Lance, meaning the
                        more you proc (when you actually proc) Finger of Frost, the more
                        damage you do (then when you normally proc)

                        I’ve tried all 3 spells and the winner is Ice Nova followed by Frost
                        Bomb (multiple and single target). Don’t even bother with Unstable

90                  First choice:            Rune of Power
                      Second choice         Mirror Image 
                      Third choice            Incanter´s Flow 

Comments:    Mirror Image is not like it was. These mirror guys does a lot of dps.
                      When they are up they are number 2 of your spell dps and do
                      approximately 15% of the damage. Also, it’s now on a 2minute
                      cooldown. When testing it looked like Frost Bolts from Mirror Images
                      gave me Brain Freeze proc. I’m not sure of this and will verify it soon.
                      Mirrior Image does less damage now (Nerfed on 6.1)

                      Rune of power increase your spell damage by 15% when standing on
                      it. Sure, use it on fights in which you will stand still all the time. This
                      is now on a 3 minute duration and still on 2 charges.

                      Incanter´s flow gives an average of 12% dmg (between 4-12%). This
                      spell in cycling every 10 second.

                      I have switched to ring of frost now after they nerfed the Images. Just
                      remember to have it up ALL the time were ever u move.

100              Prismatic Crystal

Comments:    Comet Storm looks cool. Thermal Void is shit.
                      Prismatic Crystal does insane dmg. Use it on Aoe and single boss fights.

Dps rotation, step by step

Place the Prismatic Crystal 

Pop Icy Vein

Cast Frozen Orb (to do damage but also to trigger Finger of Frost)

Cast Ice Nova you have 1 or 2 charges of Fingers of Frost procs.

Cast Ice Lance when you have 1 or 2 charges of Fingers of Frost procs.

Cast Frostfire bolt when Brain Freeze procs.

If there are mobs, cast Freeze (from Water Elemental), this will give you Finger of Frost procs.

If its a boss, cast pet Water Jet and shoot 2 Frost bolts, this gives u 100% Finger of Frost procs and BIG chance on Frostfire bolt proc.

When waiting for procs and cooldowns and procs, cast Frost bolts.

Rinse and repeat

Normal spells that you will use for dps

Frost bolt

Ice Lance

Frostfire bolt

Frozen Orb

Icy Veins


(Cone of Cold)

Spells from talent tree that you will use for dps

Rune of Power

Ice Nova

Spells you will use to help controlling the situation

Ring of Frost


(Deep Freeze)

(Cone of Cold)


Remove Curse

Spells you will use to defend yourself from the situation

Ice Block

Ice barrier

Amplify Magic


(Slow Fall)

Passive spells


Frost Armor

Ice Shards


Passive spells that gives you Procs

Brain Freeze

Finger of Frost

Spells that enhance the change of giving you Procs

Frost bolt

Frozen Orb

Freeze (Pet spell)