Moudi´s notes and thoughts before PTR Raid testing (Tarragrue and Guardian of the First Ones)

The Tarragrue

How does the anima power work. Do we get it before boss, during fight. All anima powers available or just some restricted. 

Overpower (Tank)

Boss slams 82 k Physical dmg and a 4 sec stun.
You get a debuff- Crushed Armor
dmg taken by 200% for 20 sec.

Tank swap every 20 sec.


Boss focus on a random player.

8 sec – boss throw the chain. Anyone in the way gets stun heavy dmg plus pulled into boss and takes deadly dmg.

Environment should be useful to hide behind.


Predators Howl

Boss puts a debuff on players (all?). Probably a circle around each player.

If any player gets inside the cirle (within 5 ayrds) they get feared for 8 sec.

Stay spread from each others.

Can this be dispelled?


Hungering Mist

Images spawn boss flees.
Images blow up and do deadly dmg within 25 yards.

Can images be attacked or do they erupt after a certain time.


Grasp of Death

Player gets grabbed and takes heavy dmg every 2 sec for 40 sec.
Must be interrupted and healers beware.

What grabs, what do we interrupt Boss? Or something else.


Fury of the Ages (enrage)

Boss dmg and haste increase by 25%


Normal and above

The Jailers Gaze

When boss reaches 10% health.

All anima powers are removed.

Boss does 500% more dmg until death.


Heroic and above

Remnant of Forgotten Torments

We have 3 types of memories that the boss will activate.

There will probably be remnant looking things that u have to absorb to remove.

  • Upper Reach might
    Jailers forces do 50% more physical dmg.
    What adds? From where. Will adds spawn when this remnant is up?

    Absorbing: Player takes increased physical dmg for 1,.5 min
    Does immunity work to remove debuff?

  • Mortregar echoes
    Jailers forces do 50% more magical dmg.
    What adds? From where. Will adds spawn when this remnant is up?

    Absorbing: Player takes increased magical dmg for 1,.5 min
    Does immunity work to remove debuff.

  • Soulforge heat
    Does 10k fire dmg to all players periodically.

To reduce it player must walk into the absorb.
2k fire dmg every 5 sec for 1.5.
Will it still be lesser fire dmg periodically?

Guardian of the Galaxy

How many cores to have in the fight`?
Do they spawn or are they there from start?

We need to stabilize boss with energy from energy cores.

Energy Core

Energixzing Link (tank)

Boss links with nearby core, 4 energy every 1 sec.

Radiant energy

When boss is linked with a core, it does high arcane dmg every 1 sec.
Players need to run into the energy field to take 90% reduced dmg.

Meltdown (deadly)

When core erupts (when it reaches 100?)
Does deadly dmg within 15 years
Does high dmg further than 15.

Run away from it.

The Guardian

Purging Protocol

Boss has energy bar.
When reaching 0 energy it will do high pulsing arcane dmg every 5 sec and increase dmg done by this ability by 100%:

Bring the boss to a core to keep the enrgy boss bar up. 

Elimination Pattern

Boss does dubbel o kombo on main tank.


Boss does very high physical dmg. BUT leaves a buff that increase physical dmg taken by 100% for 40 sec.


Boss does very high physical dmg.

Sounds like a tank swap for every shatter.



Boss targets player direction?
Does a frontal line high arcane dmg plus a dmg debuff every 1 sec for 6 sec.


From Sentry

A patrolling add spawns around the boss.
Does moderate dmg to random players ever 0.5.
Also puts a field under it. That does arcane dmg every 2 sec and silenced (pacifying)

How long is the sentry alive?
Can u kill it?
How many?


Threat Neutralization

Several players gets target and after short time they are blasted with 13k Arcane dmg plus anyone within 10 yards.

Targeted players run away


16 Apr 2021