Moudi´s notes and thoughts before PTR Raid testing (Kel´Thuzad)

The dungeon journal doesn´t specify what abilities are added on normal, heroic and mythic. It seems that these are all the abilities we will see up to mythic mode because they are way to many for being on normal only, or even heroic only.


  • Boss cant die as long as his phylactery remains.
  • When boss is killed, the phylactery opens and restore him to life again.
  • When this phylactery is open, players enter it to nuke the soul and fight adds.
  • When the phylactery is destroyed, the boss will unleash all his power and adds to kill the raid before boss dies.
  • This fight has 3 phases.
  • You ping pong between phase 1 (killing boss) and 2 (killing boss soul) until the phylactery is destroyed and enter phase 3.

Phase 1 – Chains and Ice

Boss spawns adds of frost and shadow.

This phase has 7 abilities.

Howling Blizzard (important)

When boss has 0% mana

He summons a blizzard that creates ice patches.

If a player stands in the ice patch, they take high Frost dmg every 1 sec.

These ice patches grow for 20 sec and then explodes, doing very high frost dmg to players within 8 yards.

Tactics / Thoughts

Position yourself to avoid the patches.

Dark Evocation

When boss has 50% mana.

Summons adds (Frostbound Devouted) and raise dead players

These adds walks to players and detonates.

This does very high shadow dmg to players within 5 yards and knockback.

Tactics / Thoughts

Nuke the adds and done let them touch you.

Possible to group them up, stun them/slow them/frost nova/entangle and AoE nuke them down?

Possible to go immunity and run over them all?

Tank use defensives and run through them?

Soul Fracture (tanks)

Boss does very high Shadow dmg and knockback.

This splits up the tanks soul.

The shards to moderate dmg to all players.

Each shard leaves a stacking debuff of Soul Exhaustion on the tank that increase dmg taken by 500%.

If the stacks are not removed before 1 min has passed, the tank dies.

Tactics / Thoughts

Tank swap at every knock back (every Soul Fracture)

Dps must destroy the shards.

Tank runs though the defeated Soul Shard to remove the stacks.

Glacial Wrath

Boss summons several Glacial spikes at player locations.

Getting hit (within 6 yards) does low dmg and knock back.

The Glacial spikes loses health over time (5% every 2 sec).

40 sec until it is removed by itself.

When removed, it does moderate frost dmg to all players and leaves a debuff that does low frost dmg every 1 sec for 10 sec.

Tactics / thoughts

Dps must nuke the shards and destroy them with some time in between so that healers can heal up the raid.

How many shards?

Leave last one to detonate by itself?

Oblivion´s Echo

Boss puts debuffs on several random players.

The debuff silence anyone within 10 yards for 6 sec.

When debuff expires, these players drops the debuff on the platform and it will silence nearby players when landing.

Tactics / thoughts

Stay spread. 

Can it be dispelled?

How long is the debuff?

Frost Blast (magic)

Boss shoots ice on a random player.

This does deadly dmg.

Players within 8 yards of the targeted player will divide the deadly dmg evenly among them.

This also leaves a debuff that does low dmg every 1 sec and roots them for 12 sec.

Tactics / thoughts

5-6 players should stack on the targeted player to soak.

If the target player has immunity, use that instead and no one soaks.

Healers MUST dispell.
Players are rooted for a long time, this can cause problem with other abilities such as Glacial spikes and Oblivion´s echo where you need to dodge spikes or stand spread to not interrupt nearby players.

Ice Shard

Boss shoots ice shards at player that does 100% attack dmg as physical dmg.

Phase 2 – The Phylactery Opens

When boss is killed, the phylactery opens and restore him to life again.

When this phylactery is open, players enter it to nuke the soul and fight adds.

Necrotic Miasma

When inside the phylactery, players take low Shadow dmg every 2 sec and stacks.

Tactics / Thoughts

Healers should help with dmg on the soul but beware of raid health and use some AoE healing.

Necrotic Surge

When Boss is ressed back to life, he gets a 5% increase dmg does that stacks.

Each stack will also increase the number of players targted with Glacial spikes and Oblivion´s Echo.

Tactics /Thoughts

A mini enrage timer. NUke the boss before the dmg kills he does kills the raid and puts to many spikes on the platform and more players get silence debuff.

Necrotic Empowerment

When boss is ressed back to life he empowers all adds that are still alive.

Increase the adds dmg by 25% and makes them immune to cc.

Tactics / Thoughts

Players needs to make sure that the adds are dead before boss comes back to life as well.

Necrotic Destruction

If players are inside the phylactery when boss is ressed, he will do very high / deadly dmg to all players.

Tactics / Thoughts

Make sure you run out of there before boss is ressed.

March of the Forsaken

3 types of Soul adds spawn during this phase.

Unstoppable Abomination (tanks)

  • This add must be tanked.
  • This add has one ability – Demolish
  • Add turns toward a random player and shoots a wave of Shadow dmg that does very high dmg to players caught in line.

Can this be soaked? By tank? Or does the wave pass through players until it hits the targeted player.

If it can be soaked, positon the add so the raid is behind the tank.

Soul Reaver

  • Banshee´s Cry / Empowered Cry
  • Every 1 sec, the add shoots low/moderate Shadow dmg to a random player.
  • Every hit of the Banshee´s cry, the add increase the dmg done of it by 25%

Make sure to interrupt as much as possible.

Frostbound Devouted

  • Touching this add does very high Shadow dmg to players within 5 yards.

Off tank or player with immunity run them over.

How many spawns?

Do they just walk around random or target players to run to?

Remnant of Kel´Thuzad

The soul of the boss will do 4 abilities on the raid.

Shadow Fissure

  • Fissures at random player locations.
  • Being closer than 4 yards of the fissure does very high shadow dmg and knock back.

Avoid the fissures.

How long is a fissure up? Does it despawn?

Any way to do some positioning in there.

How big is the phylactery? Just staying spread is enough?

Freezing Blast

  • Ice waves flood over players in a line in front of the caster?
  • Does moderate frost damage on impact and a 4 sec root.

Sounds like it’s the soul boss that is the caster that shoots it.

Stay spread.

Can the root be dispelled?  

Necrotic Obliteration

  • When soul is at 66% and 33% health.
  • The soul becomes immune to dmg and starts a cast to do deadly shadow mdg to all players inside the phylactery and knock them back.

Run out when hitting 66% and 33% health.

So either the boss is healed and then casts this or it is actually based on the souls health.

Minimum times entering phase 2 is 3 times.

Glacial Winds

  • When the soul is below 33%.
  • Summons tornadoes that do low frost dmg and 6 sec root.

Avoid the tornadoes.

Can root be dispelled?

Phase 3 – The Final Stand

When the phylactery is destroyed, the boss will face his true death.

Boss will spawn adds of the dead to make a last stand.


You will face the same type of adds as phase 2.

They will probably spawn from every side like it was back inda days.

Deep Freeze

Same as in phase 1

Oblivion´s Echo

Same as in phase 1

Frost Blast

Same as in phase 1

Ice Shard

Same as in phase 1


5 May 2021