Moudi´s Fast Tactics – Castle Nathria Raid - The council of Blood

  • You will fight 3 bosses at the same time.
  • These bosses do NOT share health.
  • When a boss dies, the other two get their health back up to 100%.
  • When a boss dies, the other two get an extra ability each.
  • Each boss has 2 main abilities.
  • When one boss dies, the other 2 gets full health and an extra boss ability each.
    When the 2nd boss dies, the last boss gets full health and another boss ability.
  • When a boss gets 50% health, you enter intermission and have to dance. 

The main abilities

Teleports behind tank and does a rush toward tank.
Melee must fight this boss from the side of him, not in front or behind.

Several players are targeted in pairs and must find each other to remove dmg on them.
Also, dmg circles spawns under them several times.
Players must find each other fast and run together until pools stops spawning.

Casts Bolt of power that does raid dmg.
Must be interrupted.

Summons an add that runs to the boss and shields him.
Kill that add asap.

The extra boss abilities

Stavros 1st extra ability
Dancing adds spawns on the platform that must be dodged.

Stavros 2nd extra ability
Entire platform is full of dancers.
One pair of dancers can be killed and must be killed before time runs out and it’s a raid wipe.

Freida 1st extra ability
Does heavy raid dmg periodically.

Freida 2nd extra ability
Summons soul spikes that impale tank plus a increase dmg taken debuff.
Same time, entire raid takes dmg as well.

Niklaus 1st extra ability
Summons small adds that attacks raid.
Bring boss to the adds and cleave dmg on them while attacking boss.

Niklaus 2nd extra ability
Summons a big add that does very heavy dmg and must be tanked and tank swap asap.
Full nuke on that add.

Kill Order

  1. Stavros
  2. Frieda
  3. Niklaus

The dance

Whenever a boss reaches 50% health, they will retreat to the balcony and players have to dance.
Each player gets a position to stand on. It is highlighted with light. Run in to it to start the dance.

You will have to move accordingly (left, right, up, down).
Watch the positioning of the small goblin NPC. Face the same direction as the NPC. 
You have to do the same as they do.
The platform has a square form shape. Move an entire square, when you move. 

If you failed in anyway (didn’t run to the light, danced wrong moves) you will be sent to a cage on the side of the platform and die.


Main tank on Stavros
Off tank on Niklaus. 

19 Dec 2020