Moudi´s Fast Tactics – Castle Nathria Raid - Artificer Xy’mox

  • 2 random players get debuff that spawn portal on players feet when expired throughout the fight (only 2 portals on platform per time)
  • Start of fight: Place a portal on far-right side and one on far-left side.
  • 40% boss health: Place a portal in the middle and one on the far-left side.
  • Tank boss on far-left side.
  • Tank debuff runs to upper corner and let it blow off there.
  • Phase 1 (100% HP)  – Run away from fixating adds (use portals to move faster).
  • Phase 2 (70% HP) – 4 seeds will spawn, pick them up and move all seeds to far right side and keep tank side free and raid stacks there. Use portals to move it faster and players that move fast.
  • Phase 3 (40% HP) – Place portal in middle now and one on the edge. Use the portal when boss sucks you in. Run away from middle or you die when boss does “Edge of Annihilation”.
21 Nov 2020