MARUUK CENTAUR - All Renown Vendors Guide

Here are all the Renown vendor rewards for The Maruuk Centaur faction. I had to level up my renown to max level because the vendor did not show the rewards until you actually unlocked them. 

Quartermaster Huseng

Located inside the biggest hut in Maruukai. 

Shikaar Hunting Horn

When you use the horn, you will take out your Maruuk Pet anywhere in the Dragon Isles and access to all its abilities for 15 min. 

Aylaag Windstone Fragment

Use: Return to the Aylaag camp wherever they happen to be. Not available while the clan is moving. (15 min Cooldown). 5 Charges

Essence of Awakening

Use: Place the caster in a state of heightened awareness, granting the ability to see residual spirit elements while in the Ohn´aran Plains1 min Cooldown. 

Maruuk Cooking Pot

Use: Adds this toy to your BoxSet out a Maruuk cooking pot, allowing cooking.
Requires Renown 3

Comfortable Pile of Pelts

Rest like a khanam wherever you go.
20 min cooldown.

Very Comfortable Pelt

Lounge around, Maruuk style!

Windborne Velocidrake: Horned Jaw

Customize your Windborne Velocidrake. 

Windborne Velocidrake: Long Snout

Customize your Windborne Velocidrake. 



Feet Armor

ilvl 376


Pattern: Allied Legguards of Sansok Khan

382 ilvl
Leatherworking (50)

Pattern: Ancestor´s Dew Kickers

382 ilvl
Leatherworking (50)

Pattern: Reinforced pack
356 ilvl
Skinning Accessory
Leatherworking (50)

Pattern: Masterwork Smock

356 ilvl
Leatherworking Accessory
Leatherworking (50)

Pattern: Flameproof Apron

356 ilvl
Blacksmithing Accessory
Leatherworking (50)

Pattern: Expert Alchemist's Hat

356 ilvl
Leatherworking (50)

Cliffside Wylderdrake: Green Scales

Customize your Cliffside Wylderdrake

Pattern: Finished Prototype Explorer´s Barding

Crafting Reagent
Leatherworking (50)

Chest Armor

ilvl 389

Ohuna Perch

Place a perch and a bird will arrive and will deliver and retrieve mail for 10 min, or until it is called elsewhere. 3 Hr Cooldown

Windborne Velocidrake: Spiked Tail

Customize your Windborne Velocidrake. 

Weaponmaster Aloom <Renown Weaponsmith>

This Renown vendor is located in Maruukai.

Nokhud Warhammer

Mammothbone Knife

Massive Stone Sledgehammer

Maruuk Boneblade

Maruukai Smith´s Tongs

Stonework Greatspear

Smith´s Stoneworked Mallet

Huntstrider Spear

Teerai Warspear

Toghus Poleaxe

Nokhud Warspear

Nokhud Goliath´s Spear

Khansguard Shield

Improvised Maruuk Barrier

Fur-Lined Safeguard

Farrier Rondare <Renown Armorsmith>

This Renown vendor is located in Maruukai.

Ohn´ir Midnight Helm

Ohn´ir Drawnlight Hat

Ohn´ir Dusklight Cap

Ohn´ir Daylight Visor

Shikaar Harrier´s VisorHead

Shikaar Huntsmaster´s Visor

Shikaar Scout´s Visor

Nokhud Battle Helm

Nokhud Reaver´s Helm

Nokhud Champion´s Helm

Nokhud Warlord´s Helm

Shikaar Harrier´s Shoulderspad

Shikaar Hunter´s Shoulderpad

Shikaar Huntmaster´s Shoulderpads

Shikaar Scout´s Shoulderpads

Nokhud Battle Shoulderpad

Nokhud Champion´s Shoulderpads

Nokhud Warlord´s Shoulderpads

Ohn´ir Midnight Shoulderpads

Ohn´ir Dawnlight Shoulderpads

Ohn´ir Dusklight Shoulderpads

Ohn´ir Daylight Shoulderpads

Clan Teerai Pennant

Back cosmetic
Requires Renown 21

Clan Nokhud Pennant

Back cosmetic
Requires Renown 21

Clan Shikaar Pennant

Back Cosmetic
Requires Renown 21

Clan Ohn´ir Pennant

Back Cosmetic
Requires Renown 21

9 Oct 2022