Teleport to all zones in Broken Isles as Mage

As a mage in Legion, you can eventually choose to be able to teleport to different locations in the Broken Isles.

When you reach level 105, talk to you Class Hall Upgrader, Chronicler Elrianne. Here you can choose between Teleportation Nexus and Blink for 500 Order Resources. For Class Order Hall guides click here.

Teleportation Nexus
Grants access to the Teleportation Nexus, an array of portals distributed across the Broken Isles, allowing you to quickly move around the world.

Enables the Blink ability for all missions, reducing mission duration by 20%.

Once you have chosen Teleportation Nexus, portals will appear in your Order Hall (bottom floor):

  • Portal to Stormheim
  • Portal to Highmountain
  • Portal to Val´sharah
  • Portal to Azsuna
  • Portal to Suramar

Here are the location of the Nexus portals in the different zones. You can also teleport back to your Order Hall through the Nexus teleportation.

Nexus Teleportation location in Stormheim

Nexus Teleportation location in Highmountain

Nexus Teleportation location in Val´sharah

Nexus Teleportation location in Azsuna

Nexus Teleportation location in Suramar

28 Jun 2016