Love is in the Air 2024 - what´s new

Love is in the Air 2024 brings exciting new content for players to explore and enjoy. From a new questline and transmogs to mounts and toys, there's something for everyone to indulge in during this special event. Let's dive into the details of what's new and how to make the most of this romantic occasion.

What's New

  • A New Questline: Engage in a fresh questline that promises adventure and rewards.
  • Transmogs: Offers the exquisite Eternal Roses, which are head transmogs available in six captivating variations.
  • New Mount: Discover the majestic Hearthseeker Mana Ray, a stunning addition to your collection.
  • New Toys: Delight in the addition of new toys, including the playful Exquisite Love Boat and the charming Eyes For You Only.

Hanna Breezeheart & Salyndra Silverbreeze's Offerings 

Salyndra Silverbreeze and Hanna Breezeheart present a range of enchanting items for players to acquire using Love Tokens. These include the elegant Eternal Roses, each available in different colors, and the delightful Single-Use Bouquet, perfect for spreading joy. Additionally, Salyndra offers buff items such as the Rose of Joy, Rose of Purity, and Rose of Friendship, each providing a 10% stat boost for 7 days. 

  • Eternal Yellow Rose
  • Eternal White Rose
  • Eternal Ping Rose
  • Eternal Orange Rose
  • Eternal Blue Rose
  • Eternal Black Eternal 
  • Rose of Joy
  • Rose of Purity
  • Rose of Friendship
  • Rose of Independence

Zikky & Vendor Bang Sparknozzle's New Items 

Vendors Zikky and  Bang Sparknozzle introduce captivating items that add an extra spark to the festivities. The Pink Brightbursts, shooting fireworks, and the Chocolate Bon-Bomb, which inflicts fire damage based on the character's level, are sure to add excitement to the celebrations.

  • Pink Brightbursts
    Shoots fireworks
    Costs 5 Love Tokens

  • Chocolate Bon-Bomb
    When used it does fire dmg based on your character level (30 sec CD).
    Costs 1 Love Token

Lythianne Morningspear & Vendor Kiera Torres' Offerings

Kiera and Lythianne present the magnificent Hearthseeker Mana Ray as a mount, offering players a graceful and enchanting means of travel. Additionally, the Exquisite Love Boat and Eyes For You Only toys are available for those seeking unique and delightful items. The Date Simulation Modulator, priced at 100 Love Tokens, promises an intriguing experience for those looking for something special. 

  • Mount: Hearthseeker Mana Ray
    270 Love Tokens
  • Toy: Exquisite Love Boat
    270 Love Tokens
  • Toy: Eyes For You Only
    40 Love Tokens
  • Date Simulation Modulator
    Costs 100 Love Tokens

New Questline and Love Token Farming

Engage in the new questline, which offers a total of 146 Love Tokens as rewards. Additionally, Love Tokens can be acquired through daily quests and by participating in the Crown Chemical Co. dungeon, which rewards a Heart-Shaped Box containing 5-10 Love Tokens.

5 Feb 2024