Legion Pre Patch Guide

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The pre patch testing was released today in Beta. This will come:

  • The Broken Shore Event
  • Legion Invasion events in Azeroth
  • Khadgar Quest Line

The Broken Shore Event

The Broken Shore is Ground Zero for the Burning Legion Invasion of Azeroth.

The Legion invasion is coming directly from the Tomb of Sargeras, but this is also where we, Azeroth´s greatest Champions meet up with Varian, Sylvanas, Jaina, Vol´jin and the rest of the heroes of the Alliance and horde to face the Burning Legion.

This is where we will begin our mission, to eliminate the Burning Legion from Azeroth.
The Broken Shore is where we establish the primary plot for the expansion.

It is a 40 player scenario that consists of 40 players (20 alliances and 20 hordes) working together, synchronized as we are send up the Broken Shore, towards the Tome of Sargeras were we will face the ultimate evil in the universe and find out what the faith of the world is.

Legion Invasion Events in Azeroth

We will also fight back the Legion in various places in Azeroth. This is events you will find on your map in which you have to defend the location from demons. The reward is Nethershards.

Nethershard is a new currency during the Pre patch Legion Invasion. You get the shards by completing the events in the different invasion locations. You will find where the Invasions are by opening your map. Mouseover will also tell you how long time it is left for you to complete the quest. The quest is to kill as many demons as possible. Completing a quest (event) will reward you 10 Nethershards.

You can buy various items from the Reluctant “quartermaster” in Orgrimmar/Stormwind located just next to the quest giver “Protect the Home Front”. This quest starts the Legion invasion event and you will be directed to this area after the Broken Shore event.

I listed the items and prices of what you can buy for Nethershards:


Costs (Nethershards)

Felbat Pup (companion)


Coalesced Fel
“Use: Unfuse a legion invasion weapon with greater power, up to ilvl 725”


Ensemble: Fel-Infused Cloth armor

“Use: Collect the appearances of the Fel-Infused cloth armor set”


Ensemble: Fel-Infused Leather armor

“Use: Collect the appearances of the Fel-Infused Leather armor set”


Ensemble: Fel-Infused Mail armor

“Use: Collect the appearances of the Fel-Infused Mail armor set”


Ensemble: Fel-Infused Plate armor

“Use: Collect the appearances of the Fel-Infused Plate armor set”


Demon Commander´s Drape (back armor, 700 ilvl)


Infernal Cord (Neck, 700 ilvl)


Legionnaire´s Fel Pendant (Neck, 700 ilvl)


Nether Twisted Band (Ring, 700 ilvl)


Legion Bound Ring (Ring, 700 ilvl)


Felstalker Spine (Trinket, 700 ilvl)


Inquistor´s Talisman (Trinket, 700 ilvl)


Moárg Clan Token (Trinket, 700 ilvl)



Khadgar Quest Line

There is also a quest line with Khadgar that gives you more information of what is going on and a taste of what to come in Legion.



8 Jul 2016