Legion: Dalaran suited up

I found these changes when trying to enter the Horde Side of Dalaran (Sunreaver´s Sanctuary) as Alliance while waiting for Battleground. After sneaking in to their territory, I walked around proud since no guards except the ones standing at the entrance cared about me strolling around. And there I saw it, a massive epic ballista that definitely isn’t in live servers. I double checked it on live server and took some pics.


Of course my second thought was what Alliance side looks like! When entering the Silver Enclave, I noticed that the two lady statues were replaced with lions instead. But that can´t be just it, can it?

Further inside, the Alliance side also suited up with some epic war machines that aren’t on live servers either.

I must say, Alliance war machines are really cool, but that ballista, is freaking awesome.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

13 Mar 2016