Legion Boss Guide: Nythendra

As usually, these tactics are my own and does not mean they are the most optimal. 

Background Story

Nythendra was once a member of the Green Dragonflight charged with guarding the world tree, Shaladrassil. When Xavius corruption of the Nightmare consumed Shaladrassil, it consumed the sleeping guardian as well. Nythendra is now nothing more than a skeletal version of herself, swarming in pestilence, ready to devour anyone or anything foolish enough to enter her lair.


The goal of this fight is to control the Infested Ground pools in phase 1 and avoid them on phase 2.

This fight is divided in two phases.
During phase 1 the boss does her abilities in which the main one (Infested Breath) consumes her energy. During phase 2 the boss collapses and restores her energy by dragging back all the Infested grounds (pools) from the ground and big bugs spawns and do AoE dmg.

Positioning at pull

Tank boss in the middle phasing her north of the platform.

Ranged divided in two groups. One group on right bottom side (square side) and other group on left bottom side (diamond side), soft stacked (8 yards). Leave middle area between groups free.

Melee soft stack (8 yards) on the left side of boss (star side).



Nythendra has energy in this phase. This phase is also called “The Plagued Dreamer”.
This phase lasts for about 2 minutes.
The only time the boss uses energy is during Infested Breath, which costs her 50 out of 100 energy. Meaning, she will do breath two times during phase 1.

Infested Ground

Creates a green pool on the ground that inflicts high damage every 1.5 sec to players in that area.

These pools come from Rot, Infested breath or Volatile Rot.

Infested Breath

Breathes several clouds of poisonous insects inflicting high damage every 5 seconds.

This breath takes 3 seconds for the boss to perform.
This breath covers a big part of the platform. The direction is on a random player.
The breath corrupts the area creating pockets of Infested ground.
During Phase 1, the boss does breath two times.

Tactics: Infested Breath

If breath targets Ranged: move to the other side (diamond or square) to avoid it. Then move back again avoiding standing on green pools (Infested Ground) that develops after the breath.

If breath targets Melee: Move through the boss to the opposite side. Then move back again avoiding standing on green pools (Infested Ground).

In this way you will have Infested ground on
* One of the melee sides only, leaving the other side free from pools.
* One or both ranged sides, leaving middle free from pools.

Healers, heal up players that got hit by breath if they did not move in time.


Inflicts players with high Plague that damage all allies within 8 yards for 9 seconds.

Rot does damage 3 times during the 9 seconds (every 3 seconds).

When it expires, the debuff creates areas of infested Ground around the player.

Tactics: Rot

If a ranged is targeted: Move behind you to the bottom left (diamond) or right (square) corner and stand near the wall when Rot expires. When Rot expires, move away from the Infested Ground that is created underneath you and get back to position.

If a melee is targeted: move to the wall behind you, left (star) or right (Circle) side, in which there maybe are pools already from breath. When Rot expires, move away from the Infested Ground that is created underneath you and get back to position.

Dps, use defensive cooldown when targeted with Rot.
Healers, make sure players with Rot are healed up.

In this way you control the position of infested ground to the bottom corners for ranged, which will make it easier to dodge on phase 2 when the pools move to boss again. And easier for melee to dodge since they can just move to the opposite side of boss on phase 2 without bothering about the pools.  

Not sure if this will be a hotfix or intended, but it can happen that the debuff expires at the same time boss does breath AND the breath is coming on the direction you will place the pools, If so: use defensive cooldowns and healers make sure that players stays alive.

Volatile Rot

The boss places Volatile Rot on the tank.
This does very high (deadly) damage to all allies after 8 sec.
Allies further from the detonation take less damage.

Also, the explosion forms several patches of Infested Ground.

Tactics: Volatile Rot

Tank swap here.

Run to the wall behind you and wait for the explosion then run back again.


This phase starts directly after 2nd breath when Nythendra has no energy and lies on the ground. This phase is also called “Heart of the Swarm”.

This phase lasts for 20 seconds.
Two things happen during this time:

  • All infested grounds will start moving to the boss.
  • – Bugs will spawn, swell and casts Burst of Corruption, 3 times then it dies.
    - Burst Corruption does high damage to all players within 8 yards of the insect worm then explodes.
    - If you are hit by the Burst of Corruption, you get a debuff on you that increase damage taken

Tactics: Heart of the Swarm

You have already controlled where the infested grounds will be.
You will have pools on diamond and square side, leaving the middle between them free from pools.
You will have one of the melee sides free (circle free if u stacked at star side during phase 1).

Ranged: Move to the center side between the two markers Diamond and Blue.

Melee: Move to the opposite side of boss side (star or circle).

The bugs cannot be killed. Avoid getting hit by them.
If a bug is on melee side, move closer to tank side.


Heroic Difficulty

An extra ability in phase 1 called Infested.

If you take any damage from any abilities, you get a stacking debuff on you called Infested.
This debuff does 21k damage every 2 seconds.

All debuffs are gone after Heart of the Storm is performed by the boss.


Mythic Difficulty

Two extra abilities in first phase.

  • Infested

If you take any damage from the any abilities, you get a stacking debuff on you called Infested.
This debuff does 21k damage every 2 seconds.

This debuff is never gone during the entire fight.

  • Infested Mind

If a player has 10 or more stacks of Infested, the boss mind controls that player and causes the player to cast Spread Infestation periodically.

The Mind control breaks if that player is attacked to very low health.

7 Aug 2016