Legion Beta - May release any minute TODAY

So, in World of Warcraft social media, there are hyped rumors that Beta will be released today. Today, for 11 years ago, World of Warcraft was released to the public for the very first time. Blizzard are celebrating this with the in game present (click here to see the Anniversary gift mini Guide) between 16th-30th  November. But today, they also celebrate this on twitch by hosting several of their favorite streamers on http://Twitch.tv/Warcraft  as they reminisce about #11YearsofWoW.

Also, during the entire week we have seen LOADS of Legion data been released. Everything from character talents to weapons and Champions. It can´t be more perfect then to launch the Legion Beta today. Stay tuned on http://Twitch.tv/Warcraft  !!!



23 Nov 2015