Using the Legendary DPS ring in Raids and Dungeons GUIDE

There are 3 different Legendary DPS rings

  • Thorasus, the Stone Heart of Draenor (Str/Stam)
  • Nithramus, the All-Seer (Int/Stam)
  • Maalus, the Blood Drinker (Agi/Stam)

When you use the ring

  • Increase your damage by (2500/100)% for 15 seconds.
  • Increase all allies in your party/raid that has the dps ring as well for (2500/100)% for 15 seconds.

So, no matter who uses the ring, everyone that also have the ring will benefit from it.

  • Also, when the 15 seconds have passed: All dmg during these 15 seconds, from all the players that have the ring will be unleashed as an AoE slam.
  • The player that use the ring will be the player that unleashes that AoE slam. HOWEVER: This will not affect the DPS METER on that player. The DPS will be shared on all players.

Who should use the ring

To maximize the usage and Dps of the Legendary ring, there are 2 factors that decides who should use the ring. Red text=not validated.

  • A melee player, since the AoE slam occurs around the player that use the ring with a 20 yard area.
  • The players ilvl does not affect the other players with rng. Its their own ring ilvl that affects their dmg. 

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28 Nov 2015