Legacy Patterns from Dire Maul and Wailing Caverns are back in 10.1.5

We are getting back some legacy patterns that were removed from Dire Maul and Wailing Caverns. These patterns are mostly leatherworking but there is one tailoring pattern as well.  


Leatherworker Patterns

Six patterns from Dire Maul are returning and these are patterns to craft: 

  • Girdle of Insight

  • Mongoose Boots

  • Swift Flight Bracers

  • Chromatic Cloak

  • Hide of the Wild

  • Shifting Cloak 

These patterns are Bind on Equip and you do not have to be Leatherworker in order to loot them.  

Tailoring Patterns

One pattern is returning for tailoring and that is the pattern to craft Belt of the Archmage.


How to get the Legacy patterns in Dire Maul

  1. Dire Maul area is divided in 3 dungeons, east, west and north. Enter the north dungeon. 

  2. Kill ogres inside the North Dire Maul Dungeon and loot the Gordok Shackle Key. Several Ogres can drop the key from the same run but you can only have one key in your bag. 
  3. Once you have a key, you head to the area where there is a goblin called Knot Thimblejack (check map). Talking to the goblin offers you a quest called Free Knot, because you have the key. This rewards a box called Knot Thimblejack´s Cache. 

  4. The Knot Thimblejack´s Cache has a chance on giving you one of the patterns added in Dire Maul in 10.1.5. Either you will get a pattern or you will get only get some old health potions and food. 


Three patterns from Wailing Caverns are returning and these are patterns to craft: 

  • Deviate Scale Cloak

  • Deviate Scale Gloves

  • Deviate Scale Belt

How to get the Legacy patterns in Wailing Cavern

  1. Your character must have leatherworking, otherwise you will not get it. 
  2. You will kill and loot special mobs called “Druids of the Fang”. These have a chance to drop Stuffed Deviate Scale Pouches. I got 2 of them and there are 21 Druids of the Fangs in one run.

The Stuffed Deviate Scale Pouches also have a chance on dropping a new 6 slot Reagent bag added in 10.1.5 called Deviate Scale pouch.

* Thank you Toolock for informing me about these patterns. 

25 Jun 2023