Learn to craft all Enchanting Crests at once in Season 4

In Season 4, you will get to learn all Enchanted awakened Crests at once. 

As we enter Season 4 in 10.2.6, a new weekly quest called Last Hurrah has replaced the previous "Aiding the Accord" quest. To begin the Last Hurrah quest, head to Valdrakken and locate Therazaland next to the fountain. He will be your quest giver for this weekly adventure.

Choosing the Empowered Zone Quest
Upon accepting the Last Hurrah quest, you will have the opportunity to choose one of three empowered zone quests.

Each quest will take you to different areas and require you to assist various factions in their endeavors.

Upon completing the quest, you will receive a

- Cache of Awakened Dreams. This cache contains Champion Gear, which is normal raid gear with item levels ranging from 493 to 515. 

- A Splintered Spark. This item serves a purpose in which you need to combine 2 of them, although at this time, there is no unified quest to turn it in. However, if no such quest is available, you will have the chance to craft it in the second week.

- 30 Drake's Awakened Crests

- Draconic Tome of Awakening, which teaches you to create all 3 types of Enchanted Awakened Crests (Enchanted Aspect´s Awakened Crest, Enchanted Wyrm´s Awakened Crest, Enchanted Whelpling´s Awakened Crest)



4 Apr 2024