KALIMDOR CUP - How does it work & REWARDS

Riders of Azeroth Badges

Completing it in different difficulties rewards different amounts of badges. 

  • Bronze (1 Rider of Azeorth Badge)
  • Silver (2 Rider of Azeorth Badge)
  • Gold (3 Rider of Azeorth Badge)

The maximum you can get per difficulty is 3 Badges. 

So basically, you can get 9 badges in total from each course. 

There are 16 races in total which means that you can earn 144 Badges per day. 

There are 7 pieces for the Drake Racer transmog and each one costs 15. 105 badges in total. 

Also, the Teal color on Velocidrake, that costs 30 Badges. 


29 May 2023