JUNE Trading Post - Preview!

Another month has passed and new GOODIES are here! Check out The Trading Post for June.

Visit T&W (Tawney and Wilder) just outside the Mage District in Stormwind or the Zen’shiri Trading Post next to Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar to check out all the latest items they have available.


An image of a bright purple parrot mount with teal feathers on its head and chest, and a bejeweled saddle on its back. The Trading Post logo appears, along with the text, “June Highlights”. A text label also appears below the parrot that reads “Bonus Reward – Mount: Quawks”. Purple and blue skies fill the background, along with pink and white clouds.

The Bonus Reward this moth is a parrot, Quawks. All you need is to complete tasks and earn 1000 Trader Tenders and this bad boy is yours. 

And image of the labeled Cindermane Charger Mount in front of a dark gray volcanic background. The winged horse-like creature is standing on its hind legs and kicking its front legs in the air. The body appears to be made of dark gray molten rock, with fire and lava glowing through cracks throughout. Fire blazes from the creature’s hoofs, wings, and along the top of its head where a horse’s mane would be.

Another mounts is up for grabbing. Cindermane charger is back. 

Costs 900 Trader's Tender

An image of a large, yellow, four-winged insect hovering above green waters with palm trees and desert ruins in the background. The labeled Royal Swarmer Mount has a rigid yellow carapace with black markings and small brown spikes on its front legs. Gray mandibles hand down in front of its glowing yellow eyes. Its purple dragonfly-like wings extend outward with two in each direction and a small gray saddle sits on its back.

Third mount! The Royal Swarmer. 

Cost: 800 Trader's Tender

Item Type: Pet
Cost: 600 Trader's Tender

Shifty Merchant’s Tunic
Item Type: Shirt
Cost: 50 Trader's Tender

Magister’s Jeweled Drape
Item Type: Cloak
Cost: 50 Trader's Tender

Veteran Grunt’s Chopper
Item Type:2-Hand Axe
Cost: 50 Trader's Tender

Ensemble: Wanderer’s Carrot Trappings
Item Type: Head and Cloak
Cost: 100 Trader's Tender

Pustulent Demonheart Fetish
Item Type: Off-Hand
Cost: 150 Trader's Tender

Sentinel’s Tower Shield
Item Type: Shield
Cost: 150 Trader's Tender

Emberstone Dress
Item Type: Robe
Cost: 150 Trader's Tender

Jewel of the Firelord
Item Type: Helm
Cost: 400 Trader's Tender

Flame-Forged Fel Fang
Item Type: 1-Hand Dagger
Cost: 450 Trader's Tender

Sunspire Battle Staff
Item Type: Staff
Cost: 500 Trader's Tender


Soulburner Bardiche
Item Type: Polearm
Cost: 550 Trader's Tender

Ensemble: Helarjar Berserker Warplate
Item Type: Head, Shoulder, Chest, Waist, Legs, Feet, Wrist, Hand
Cost: 750 Trader's Tender

1 Jun 2023