Good time to Join a Raiding Guild

Since we are in a phase between the two expansions Warlords of Draenor and Legion, there are players that are not as active now. But there are loads of Guilds that are raiding and probably missing some of their players. So, if you are not in a raiding guild and want to join one, this is a good time to try and join one. And then, when legion comes live, you will probably still have a raid spot. I´ve listed some ways to find raiding guilds:

  • Announcements on “Trade” chat and “LookingforGroup” chat

Some guilds put announcements in these chats and can be good to check whenever you are in a major city.

  • Guild Finder

This is a tab that is only available if you are not in a guild.

Press “J” and the tab comes up. Here you can adjust the settings of interest, if you want to join guild that raids on weekdays/weekends and what your class role is.  Then you will get a list of different guilds and apply.

  • Join raids through the Dungeon Finder and show your gameplay

Joining a PuG (pick up group) is always a lottery of the outcome. But search for guilds that needs some more players to fill up the raid. If you get an invite you will see how they raid and vice versa. Now you have a good chance to talk to them regarding recruitment.

  • Try the wow official homepage forum

Forums are really good to check because you will find loads of players that want to recruit everything from hardcore players to casual players. Also, it searches in a broader range since there will be players from different realms that are or are not connected with yours.



17 Jan 2016