Igria the Cruel Raid Boss Tactics - 10.2 - Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope

The platform has 3 weapons around the boss, one in front and two on the sides.

When the boss reaches 100 energy, she will  channel “Marked for Torment”, players will periodically have fire patches under them, make sure you move.

Igria the Cruel - Marked of Torment

During Marked of Torment, players must run to one of the three weapons and soak the circle surrounding the weapon. The circle becomes smaller and smaller until it is gone. You must remove that circle before the Channel is completed or it is a wipe. The raid needs to be sorted in 3 soak groups because you cannot soak again once you have soaked. 

Igria the Cruel - Marked of Torment - Soaking

Based on what weapon is soaked, the boss will get a special ability. 

Right side weapon (Flaying Torment)

All players stack behind the boss. 

Use major healing cooldowns (players health goes down and a healing absorb).

Players will shoot out loads of orbs but if you are stacked, you will not get hit by them. 

Igira the Cruel - Slicing Torment

Middle Weapon (Slicing Torment)

Boss will leap on random players and leave patches on the platform, make sure you dodge. Healers beware of raid dmg. 

Igira the Cruel - Slicing Torment

Left side Weapon (Hacking Torment)

Boss does a huge smash on tank that must be soaked by many players. Stand in the circle surrounding the tank. Healers beware. 

Igria the Cruel - Hacking Torment

Rest of the fight 

Boss shoots out 3 blades in a random direction, beware.

Igria the Cruel - Twisting Blade

Boss targets players with spears so that they cannot move. Make sure to semi stack without crossing the debuff circles and then dps nukes the spear to set them free. 

Igria the Cruel - Blistering Spear

Tanks must be the closest to the boss, because she attacks the next closest target. 

17 Sep 2023