Invasions in your Garrison


You get an automatic test version of an invasion when you get into Tier 2 of your Garrison midway through questing, This attack will be by Thunderlord or Shadomoon force. It´s not a full blown invasion, the meaning is to get a hang of it. (If you have leveled up Tier 2 then Ter 3 there is a possibility that you can miss this, but no worries this isn’t a real invasion anyway.

Invasions are triggered when you fight powerful foes among the enemy factions of Draenor (generally in and around the areas for Apexis Crystal Missions) you’ll draw their attention and an enemy force will eventually prepare to attack your Garrison.

This means that when doing a daily apexis quest. You will probably trigger an invasion since you kill a lot of them and drags their attention.

There are 6 types of invasion

Shadow Council
Iron Horde

How to trigger an invasion on your Garrison

Either select a location that gives reputation.

Or select a location that gives you negative reputation.

(Gaining reputation is not needed but it’s a tool to see that you are on the right place and also able you to track how much killing is needed to trigger.

You need 3000 reputation or -3000 rep to trigger and invasion.

This may be completed by doing the daily Garrison which gives you loads of rep AND -4000 rep on the faction you attack when turning in the quest.

You can trigger several invasions per week.

If you choose to trigger it by killing adds, I recommend to kill those adds that drops Apexis Crystals to be on the safe side that you are triggering an invasion. You need to kill approx 500 mobs.

Raid is no longer allowed. You can do it solo or in group.

Locations to trigger an Invasion


Buy Daily Apexis Crystal quests

When farming a certain place to trigger an invasion, I recommend to buy (200 Garrison) the daily quest for that area as well since it boosts the trigger when completed.

There are 12 daily Apexis Crystal quests:

Quest Location Triggers
Broken Precipice Nagrand Goren
Mok´gol Watchpost Nagrand Iron Horde
Darktide Roost Shadowmoon Valley Shadowmoon
Socrethar´s Rise Shadowmoon Valley Shadowmoon
Lost Veil Anzu Shadowmoon Valley Botani
Shattrah Harbor Talador Shadow Council
Pillars of Fate Shadowmoon Valley Shadowmoon
Skettis Shadowmoon Valley Shadowmoon
Stonefury Cliffs Frostfire Ridge Ogres
Magnarok Frostfire Ridge Goren
Everbloom Wilds Gorgrond Botani
Siegeworks Frostfire Ridge Iron Horde

How do I know if I got an Invasion?

On mini map you will see a notification in which you can see the mission status that an invasion is up.

The Garrison Quarter master (Sergeant Crowler Alliance/ Sergeant Grimjaw Horde) has an exclamation in which you accept the quest for that certain invasion.

Invasion Stages

There are 3 stages of an invasion

  • After you accept you will follow the Sergeant
  • The Assault – Sort of an intro to see how they spawn
  • The Holdout – An 8 minutes fight to defend the Garrison
  • The Calm – Finish of the rest of the mobs that are alive
  • Final Stage – Kill the boss

Strategy of Invasion - Horde

The maximum amount of ppl in an invasion party is 3 (you should be 3)
Basically the same for Hordes and Alliance. Spread out according to image (Horde)

Star – Handles that entrance and the camp fire
Moon – Handles that entrance and helps sideways and camp when needed
Diamond – Handles that entrance and Town Hall area

There are always events happening during an invasion, except for the adds. These awards extra points and you must do them. There is always a warning when that occurs and are displayed on minimap so always pay attention to that.

  • Sometimes you have to get a worker to safety (walk on him, make sure he follows you and bring him to Town hall.
  • An Alliance/Horde spy sneaks in and destroys buildings (kill him asap, check minimap were he is)
  • Harder mobs enter fights. These can be ground and air mobs. Check minimap were they are and nuke asap.
  • Some mobs has the goal to destroy your buildings, always look out for them and nuke asap

These events are tougher than normal mob kills. So check if your teammates need help!

Invasion Points

300 points awards Bronze
600 points awards Silver
1000 points awards Gold
1300 points awards Platinum

During the invasion, you gain points via the following ways:
Killing enemies—trickier ones give more points.
Saving terrified townsfolk.
Killing spies.
Keeping your buildings intact.
Keeping your defenders alive.
Killing the final boss – You always get 100 points when killing the last boss.
When the invasion is complete, points are added for your buildings and defenders.

Invasion Rewards

The rewards are weekly

Bronze – A bag that contains Apexis Crystals and Garrison supplies. Chance on 645  loot, chance on trade post parts. chance on summoning a world boss to your garrison
Silver - A bag that contains Apexis Crystals and Garrison supplies. Chance on 645  loot, chance on trade post parts. chance on summoning a world boss to your garrison 
Gold -  A bag that contains  Apexis Crystals, Garrison supplies, chance on 645 gear loot, chance on trade post parts and mounts. Second highest Chance on summoning a world boss to your garrison
Platinum: A bag that contains Apexis Crystals, Garrison supplies, chance on 645 gear loot and chance on trade post parts and a highest chance on summoning a world boss to your garrison and mounts.

9 Dec 2014