How to summon a world boss to my Garrison

There are total 6 different epic items that each one summons a certain boss. The only way to summon a world boss is by getting an epic item. See below.         

Boss Item
Teluur Heart of Oak
Commander Dro´gan  Bloodied Iron Horde Banner 
Lady Fleshear Legion Beacon  
Gaur Runed Greatstone
Mage Lord Gogg´nathog Arcane Highmaul Relic
Annihilon  Void Prison        

These items can be looted from the bag reward you get after completing an invasion. 

These items can be looted by the last boss from the invasion.

Bronze, Silver Gold and Platinum has a chance to give you the item.

The higher rating you get, the higher % on item drop from the bag.

You can only summon (get loot) the same boss once a week.

The best is to wait until the end of the week and gather up a raid in which ppl have items to summon all 6 different types and then kill them after each other.

Invasions are very easy to trigger, check my invasion guide here.

The info below was stated pre-launch of 6.1 live but never confirmed after since then.

When you complete following Garrison quests you can get an epic item as reward.

  • Bounty Quest
  • Relic Quest
  • Dungeon Quest
  • Raid Ques

The video below shows and invasion I did when Multiboxing my chars. I got Gold reward and after killing the last boss I got the boss summoning item directly in my inventory.


25 Feb 2015