How to learn to craft Base item (Specialized Armor) in Shadowlands

When you reach max level, there are a set of things that you must complete in the main storyline.

  • Choose a Covenant
  • Complete 3 World Quests to your covenant.
  • Gather 350 Anima to your covenant reservoir.
  • Go to the Maw and meet V´nari.
  • Back and gather 500 Anima to your covenant reservoir to activate a research.
  • Unlock your first Soulbound.
  • Back to the maw and unlock Torghast.
  • Complete the first Torghast scenario.
  • Unlock the room to the legendary crafter (Runecarver).
  • Help the Runecarver to remember his memory and release one of his chains.

Once you have completed those parts (that’s how it is on beta atm and its 2 weeks left until Shadowlands launches) you have unlocked the quest that unlocks your profession trainer to teach you crafting Specialized armor.

BUT, you must have max leveled profession to get the quest.

12 Nov 2020