How to get Wondrous Fish

Wondrous Fish is an item needed in order to buy Iskaara Supply Bag from Turik the Renown Envoy vendor in Morqut Village in the Forbidded Reach, Dragon Isles. 

HOW TO GET Wondrous Fish

You must first complete the small questline "Spellsworn Crystals". 

This starts with the quest Signed, Sealed Delivered. 
This questlone wants you to attune to the 4 Spelssworn Crystals. 

Onces completed, you have unlocked so that you can interact with Spellsworn Archivists. 

You have also now unlocked to loot scrolls from rares. 

One of the rares is located on the south part of the Forbidden Reach (see map). 

This rare is called Gurgoth the Hullcrusher. He drops a Sealed Fish Scrolls.

Once you have the Fish Scroll, you go to one of the 4 Spellsworn Archivists what you have interacted with before in the questline. 

Here are the 4 locations of the Spellsworn Archivists (spellsowrn Crystals).


Once you talk to the Archivist and show him your scroll, the Archivist will point out a location on the map with an "X". That is where the Wondrous Fish is. Now you can use that item to buy Iskaara Supply Bag. 

8 Feb 2023