How to get to Torghast / The Maw – Shadowlands

To be able to get back to the Maw at max level, you have to:

  • Choose a covenant
  • Start the covenant questline
  • One of them wants to to go to the Maw. 

Now you can get to the Maw.

To get to the Maw

Oribos is divided in 2 main floors

  • Ring of Fates
  • Ring of Transference

The portal is located on Ring of Transference.
You get to the second floor by clicking on the transport portal in the center of Oribos, Ring of Fates floor.

Once there, jump in to the center. This is a portal that takes you to the Maw.

Get to Torghast

Continue with the questline that started with taking you to the Maw.

After some quests, you will unlock a portal to Thorgast.

That portal is located in Venaris Refuge in the Maw, next to where you arrive everytime you get to the Maw. 

28 Aug 2020