How to get the legendary powers for Warrior in Shadowlands

There are 4 legendary powers for each spec.

There are 4 legendary powers that all specs can use within a class, no matter what spec.

There are 8 Legendary Powers that all classes and specs will have the exact same.

Shared legendary powers for all classes

Five of them are tied to reputation, one from the Great Vault and one from PvP vendor.

Legendary Power

Drop location

Stable Phantasma Lure

Drop: Torghast tower

Sephuz´s Proclamation

PvP vendor

Third Eye of the Jailer

Maw NPC vendor (Ve´nari) - Status Ambivalent

Norgannon´s Sagacity

Rep vendor – Court of Harvester (Honored)

Judgment of the Arbiter

Rep vendor – The Avowed (Honored)

Maw Rattle

Rep vendor – The Undying Army (Honored)

Echo of Eonar

Rep vendor – The Wild Hunt (Honored)

Vitality Sacrifice

The Great Vault

Where does legendary power drop for Warrior

Legendary Power

Drop location

Enduring Blow

Drop: Torghast tower


Drop: Torghast tower


Drop: Torghast tower

Undbreakable Will

Drop: Torghast tower


Drop: Torghast tower

Seismic Reverberation

Dungeon: Halkias, the Sin-Stained Goliath


Dungeon: Xav the Unfallen

Reckless Defense

Dungeon: Amarth


Dungeon: Oryphrion


PvP vendor

The Wall

Raid drop: Hungering Destroyer


Raid drop: Sire Denathrius

Will of the Berserker

Raid drop: Sludgefist

Signet of Tormented Kings

Raid drop: Stone Legion Generals

Misshapen Mirror

The Great Vault

Cadence of Fujieda

World boss: Mortanis

6 Oct 2020