How to get Plump Dreamseeds

Plump Dreamseeds are used for growing the blue flowers in the Emerald Dream. When you add a Plump Dreamseed to a Dreamsoil, you will have a chance on getting a pet or fair amount of profession reagents. 

One time per charcater

There are Plump Dreamseeds that you will get 100% from various sources. You can get these Plump Dreamseeds on each character. 

Main Storyline

Two are rewarded from the main storyline in Emerald Dream. 

Side Story

Six are rewarded from the side quests in Emerald Dream.

One-Time Treasure

One is rewarded from the one-time treasure Triflesnatch's Roving Trove. Here is the location (download tomtom addon to see location).

/way 39.72, 52.14 

Starts by interacting with the owl Triflesnatcher. Follow it and interact with it once it lands. Three times and then you get the loot.
The other locations the bird goes to are (/way 42.23, 56.30   /way 34.09 56.34)

Mysterious Seed

There is a questitem that you get pretty fast at the start when enterting Emerald Dream called Mystsrious Seed. Completing this quest rewards a Plump Dreamseed. 

Once a week

Weekly Quest

One is rewarded from the weekly profession quest (Weekly Crate).  You will turn in profession materials to make Shipment of Goods boxes and it is the boxes that you need to complete the quests. The first quest requires 1 Shipment of Goods box and rewards 250 non token reputation and a Plump Dreamseed. The second quest requires 5 Shipment of Goods boxes and rewards 250 non-token reputation and a Gigantic Dreamseed.

The NPC to take the quests from is Eran´nda inside a tent next to the Central Encampment in Dream Wardens. 

/way 52.51, 62.47

The NPC you talk to for crafting the Shipment of Goods is Vashonir who is also located  inside the  tent next to the Central Encampment in Dream Wardens. 

/way 52.51, 62.53 

Farming Plump Dreamseed

Here are the things you can do over and over but it is always chance on getting the Gigantic Dreamseed.


The Superbloom event has a boss in the end. This boss will always have a chance on dropping a Gigantic Dreamseed. 


Rares and elite rares will always have a chance on dropping a Gigantic Dreamseed.

World Quest

There is a chance that the Elite World Quest can reward Gigantic Dreamseed.

Emerald Frienzy

This is up at every half an hour and 10 min to the hour. The rewards differs once completed but Plump Dreamseed is one of the rewards that can come up. 


3 Nov 2023