How to get ALL Seedbloom Mounts & PETS in WEEK 2

There are 6 mounts and 6 pets that are sold by the vendors Talisa Whisperbloom in Central Encampment in Emerald Dream (/way 49.78, 62.12) and Sylvia Whisperbloom in Wildling Garden in Emerald Dream (/way 59.75, 16.89). 

The mounts and pets cost 1 Seedbloom each. 

You will get 1 Seedbloom by completing the weekly quest "Blooming Dreamseeds" given by NPC Talisa Whisperbloom (/way 49.78, 62.11). 

You can complete this quest on each of your characters every week and get a Seedbloom every week on each character. 

Based on how many alts you have, you can collect loads of Seedblooms. If you want to buy all mounts and pets as fast as possible, then you will neeed 6 alts. 

This vendor also sells very nice transmog sets. 

There is a BUT

You need to reach renown 18 to unlock the mounts and pets from the vendor. 

Check out this guide on how to reach Renown 18 as fast as possbile: 

9 Nov 2023