Get your Augment Rune on FIRST week of Season 3

A new reputation testing was made 2nd of november after all the different nerfs. 

Main nerfs are:

  • No Dreamsurge Buff for Dream WardensMeaning, you cannot save your tokens and open it in the Dreamsurge event when the rep buff is up. However, save the tokens until told when you will farm reputation on main character. 
  • One main story chapter is not available the first week (we don't know when it is coming). 
  • One side quest has been moved to 2nd week. 

Based on all these changes, you will get your Augment Rune on the first week of Season 3 (Thursday). 

Alt char

When 10.2 comes out, the Darkmoon Faire will be up. Make sure to grab the 10% reputation buff. 

Do Step 1 to Step 7. 

If you are non Human, you will reach around Renown 9 and 400/2500 reputation. 

If you are human, you will reach Renown 10. 

For the players that lacks around 2100 reputation, you have to farm reputation via the “endless reputation farm” (see furthest down on this guide).  Doing the endless reputation farm will require 105 Seeds of any type. 

Main Character

Once you have reached 10 renown on alt character, you now have the 100% reputation bonus until you reach renown 10 on your main character. 

Week 1

Do all steps except for Step 4 and 5. 

Do NOT use any tokens. 

Week 2

You need the first days of week 2. More precisely, you need to wait until thursday 16th of Novemeber, because that is day when the WoW 10th anniversary starts which gives you 19% reputation bonus. On this thursday, you will do following:

  • Open all your reputation tokens
  • Step 3 - Weekly Quests
  • Step 4 - Dreaming Chests - Unwaking Echo
  • Step 5 - Special Treasures
  • Step 2 - Day 2 - MISFIT DRAGONS

STEP 1 - Main Storyline

We have access to three chapters according to the original post by Blizzard. 

Enter the Dream rewards 2500 non-token rep

Druids of the Flame rewards 2500 token rep. 

The Claws of Vyranoth rewards 2500 token rep.

STEP 2 - Side Quests

All these sidequests are available on first week. There is one more side quest “MISFIT DRAGONS” that comes out on same week as season 3 (14th November).

Week 1 side quests rewards 6000 reputation in total (approx 300 is non-token rep). The week 2 side quest rewards 750 token rep. 

Week 1

  • NPC: Thaalean
    Quest: Build-a-Blanket & Fluffy Filler Retrieval
    Coords: /way 58.01, 77.88
  • NPC: Ethidris Creekward
    Quest: Pineshrew Panic
    Coord: /way 53.77, 74.59
  • NPC: Shandris Feathermoon
    Quest: Smother the Flames
    Coord: /way 46.64, 46.18
  • NPC: Dreamkin
    Quest: Q´onzu´s Qualification
    Coords: /way 34.73, 68.95
  • NPC: Solarys Thorngale
    Quest: Burning out
    Coords: /way 52.02, 63.61
    Item: Singed Leaflet
    Quest: A Passed Torch
    Coords: 38.00,47.31
    This one is not available
  • NPC: Aviana
    Quest: Aviana´s Assessment
    Coords: 65.84,37.73
    NPC: Q´onzu
    Quest: Q´onzu´s Quandary
    Coords: /way 65.84, 37.73
  • NPC: Keeper Adrianas
    Quest: Memory of the Dreamer
    Coords: /way 58.71, 23.89
  • NPC: Lady Moonberry
    Quest: Trouble at the Tree
    Coords: /way 49.79, 62.49

Week 2

  • NPC: WrathionQuest: A Draon in Hand is Worth Two in the RoosCoords: /wayRewards 750 rep token

STEP 3 - Weekly Quests

Complete 4 weekly quests that reward reputation. 

Weekly Quest 1 - The Superbloom

You complete this quest when completing a Superbloom event. This quest rewards a Cache of Overblooming Treasures when completed that rewards 1000 rep token. This quest is given by Clarelle north of Central Encampment in the Emerald Dreams. 

/way 51.42, 59.62

Weekly Quest 2 - A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens

You complete this quest when gathering 1500 reputation with the Dream Wardens. This quest rewards 500 rep (not token). You get this quest in the Emerald Dream from Keeper Amrymn in Central Encampment. 

/way 50.21, 61.58

Weekly quest 3 - Professions

This one is actually two quests that are similar. You have to complete the first one before you can see and do the second one. These two quests are tied to profession materials. You will turn in profession materials to make Shipment of Goods boxes and it is the boxes that you need to complete the quests. The first quest requires 1 Shipment of Goods box and rewards 250 non token reputation. The second quest requires 5 Shipment of Goods boxes and rewards 250 non-token reputation. 

The NPC to take the quests from is Eran´nda inside a tent next to the Central Encampment in Dream Wardens. 

/way 52.51, 62.47

The NPC you talk to for crafting the Shipment of Goods is Vashonir who is also located  inside the  tent next to the Central Encampment in Dream Wardens. 

/way 52.51, 62.53 

Weekly quest 4 - PvP Quest - Sparks of Life: Emerald Dream

You take the quest in Valdrakken from NPC Jephryn.

/way 42.05, 40.24

This rewards 1000 reputation

Step 4 - Dreaming Chests - Unwaking Echo


There are 4 chests that you can interact with and open when you are dreaming. So to be able to open them you have to type /sleep so that you fall asleep. Your “dreaming” character will then appear and you can open the chest now. 

These 4 chests contain 200 non-token reputation each. Here are the way point locations for all four. 

/way 55.68, 22.55 Unwaking Echo 1
/way 54.83, 44.62 Cave Entrance Unwaking Echo 2
/way 46.40, 86.16 Unwaking Echo 3
/way 69.58, 52.85 Unwaking Echo 4 inside house

Reputation summary

  • 800 non-token reputation

Step 5 - Special Treasures

There are 4 special Treasures scattered in the Emerald Dream. Each treasure will have a nice reward but also 200 non-token reputation. Here are the way point locations for all four.

/way 47.47, 34.92 Hidden Podling Stash
/way 55.27, 57.25 Odd Burl
/way 64.35 61.31 Start Magical Bloom
/way 61.68 59.59 End Magical Bloom
/way 39.15, 65.48 Crystalline-Glowblossom

Reputation summary

  • 800 non-token reputation

Step 6 - Elite Rares


There are 8 Elite Rares in Emerald Dream. Killing a rare rewards 25 non-token reputation. Also, you will get a bag called Dryad´s Supply Pouch. This bag contains 25 more non-token reputations. It seems that this is a one time reward. 

Reputation summary

  • 400 non-token reputation

Step 7 - World Quests

During an entire week, you will have around 20 World Quests in total. Each World Quest rewards 50 non-token reputation. You can get a single world quest that rewards 75 more non-token reputation as bonus reward. 

Reputation summary

  • 1000 non-token reputation

The Endless reputation Grind

First thing first, Huge shout to Lazey for finding this reputation farm!

One way to gain reputation is by looting the Emerald Bounty Flowers in a very special way. 

  1. Add any kind of Seed (there are 3 types: small, plump, Gigantic).
  2. Nurture the seed with Dewdrops. 5 Dewdrops will add 1 point to the bar. You must reach at least 50 points in the bar. Do NOT reach 100 points, 99 is ok. If you reach between 50-99, you will be rewarded with a Medium Bag. If you reach 100 points, you will be rewarded with a large bag, you do not want that. 
  3. Once the flower is completed, you will be rewarded with 20 reputation with Dream Wardens. 


3 Nov 2023