How to get ALL Dream Infusion MOUNTS and PETS in ONE DAY

There are six new mounts and seven pets added to a vendor in 10.2 that looks very special. These mounts and pets have a green dreamy look! To obtain these mounts and pets, you must:

  • Reach renown 5 with the Dream Wardens. Once completed you can now see the mounts and pets from an NPC called Elianna

/way 50.23, 61.81

  • To be able to buy a mount/pet, there are two requirements. First requirement is that you need to have a mount/pet with a similar model as the one that you want from the vendor. You can see if you have that requirement by opening the vendor tab. When you mouse over the mount/pet, a text will let you know if you have the requirement or not. Second requirement is that you must have the currency to buy the mount. The currency is called Dream Infusion.
  • You get Dream Infusion by completing activities in Emerald Dream, such as Weekly Quests, rares, Emerald Bounty, World Quests etc. 
  • To track your Dream Energy, there is an amazing Weakaura made by Lazey, that you can use in order to track your Dream Energy progress. Once you reach full bar on, you will get the currency from Elianna.


If you want to reach 100 Dream Energy as fast as possible then you have complete following on one character. Once you reach 100 Dream Energy, you log on your next alt character and do the same thing. For each alt character you have, you will get 1 currency in about 1-2 hours: 

Do the Main Storyline

Complete the main storyline. 

Do all the Side Quests

Complete the 9 side quests. 

There are a total of 9 side quests in 10.2 Each side quest will reward different amount of reputation tokens. Here are all the rewards and locations:

  1. NPC: Wrathion
    Quest: A Draon in Hand is Worth Two in the Roos
    Coords: /way
  2. NPC: Thaalean
    Quest: Build-a-Blanket & Fluffy Filler Retrieval
    Coords: /way 58.01, 77.88

  3. NPC: Ethidris Creekward
    Quest: Pineshrew Panic
    Coord: /way 53.77, 74.59

  4. NPC: Shandris Feathermoon
    Quest: Smother the Flames
    Coord: /way 46.64, 46.18

  5. NPC: DreamkinQuest: Q´onzu´s Qualification
    Coords: /way 34.73, 68.95

  6. NPC: Solarys Thorngale
    Quest: Burning out
    Coords: /way 52.02, 63.61 Item: Singed Leaflet
    Quest: A Passed Torch
    Coords: 38.00,47.31

  7. NPC: Aviana
    Quest: Aviana´s Assessment
    Coords: 65.84,37.73
    NPC: Q´onzu
    Quest: Q´onzu´s Quandary
    Coords: /way 65.84, 37.73

  8. NPC: Keeper Adrianas
    Quest: Memory of the Dreamer
    Coords: /way 58.71, 23.89

  9. NPC: Lady Moonberry
    Quest: Trouble at the Tree
    Coords: /way 49.79, 62.49 

Complete 4 Weekly Quests

Complete 4 weekly quests that reward reputation. 

Weekly Quest 1 - The Superbloom

You complete this quest when completing a Superbloom event. This quest rewards a Cache of Overblooming Treasures when completed that rewards 1000 rep token. This quest is given by Clarelle north of Central Encampment in the Emerald Dreams. 

/way 51.42, 59.62

Weekly Quest 2 - A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens

You complete this quest when gathering 1500 reputation with the Dream Wardens. This quest rewards 500 rep (not token). You get this quest in the Emerald Dream from Keeper Amrymn in Central Encampment. 

/way 50.21, 61.58

Weekly quest 3 - Professions

This one is actually two quests that are similar. You have to complete the first one before you can see and do the second one. These two quests are tied to profession materials. You will turn in profession materials to make Shipment of Goods boxes and it is the boxes that you need to complete the quests. The first quest requires 1 Shipment of Goods box and rewards 250 non token reputation. The second quest requires 5 Shipment of Goods boxes and rewards 250 non-token reputation. 

The NPC to take the quests from is Eran´nda inside a tent next to the Central Encampment in Dream Wardens. 

/way 52.51, 62.47

The NPC you talk to for crafting the Shipment of Goods is Vashonir who is also located  inside the  tent next to the Central Encampment in Dream Wardens. 

/way 52.51, 62.53 

World Quest

During an entire week, you will have around 15 World Quests in total. 

Renewed Dream Chests

Slumbering Dream Fragment is an item that you can get in 10.2 by looting mobs in the zone. Combining 5 of these items, you will get a treasure chest called Renewed Dream. Opening a Renewed Dream Chest rewards Dream Energy. 

If you are interested, here are some data on how much dream energy you get from various sources in the Emerald Dream. 


Dream Energy (%)

Superbloom -Kill last boss

If you do not interfere, you don´t get any energy.


Superbloom - The Small Dreamy Bounty


Weekly professions quest 1


Weekly profession 2


World Quest 


Elite World Quest


Main Storyline Quests

approx 29%


approx 49%

Renewed Dream (chest)

that you make by combining

5 Slumbering Dream Fragments


Laden Somnut (treasure)



You get more Dream Energy the more you nurture. 




Elite Rares


Weekly Quest - A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens


1 Nov 2023