How to get all 10.2 Pets

Achievement Pets

Sergeant Quackers

You get this pet by completing the Achievement Ducks in a Row. You have to first recruit Sergeant Quackers and make it join you to defeat the Council of Dreams in the raid Amirdrassil, the Dream´s Hope on Normal or higher.


You get this pet by completing the Achievement Friends in Feathers. This achievement will take some time but you have to rescue 18 moonkin hatchlings during the World Quest “Claws for Concern” in Emerald Dream. 


You get this pet by completing the Achievement “Don´t Let the Doe Hit You On The Way Out”. You have to make sure that Ivy is alive when defeating the raid boss Larodar, Keeper of the Flame in the new raid Amirdrassil, the Dream´s Hope. 



You get this pet by completing a side quest “Burning Out” in Emerald Dream. 

Dream Wardens Renown Vendor

  • Juniper
  • Spruce

The Dream Wardens Renown Vendor NPC, called Moon Priestess Lasara, located in the Central Encampent in Emerald Dream (/way 50.28, 61.63) sells these two pets once you reach renown 15. 

Dream Infusion Vendor

  • Snorr
  • Drowsy
  • Dreamhoof
  • Dreamborne Scarab
  • Memorie
  • Somnolet
  • Reverie

To obtain these pets, you must first reach renown 5 with the Dream Wardens. Second, you must have a pet with the similar model. Once you have that, then you must have the currency to buy the pet. The currency is called Dream Infusion. You get Dream Infusion by completing activities in Emerald Dream, such as Weekly Quests, rares, Emerald Bounty, World Quests etc. There is an amazing Weakaura made by Lazey, that you can use in order to track your Dream Energy progress. Once you reach full bar, you will get the currency from Elianna. 

  • Rithro
    You get this pet once you have reached renown 5 and unlocked Dream Infusion. You will get a quest from Elianna that rewards Rithro.  

Dreamseed Vendors (Sylvia & Whisperbloom)

  • Snoots
  • Elmer
  • Snoozles
  • Napps
  • Dustite
  • Seedle

You buy these with Seedbloom, from the vendors Talisa Whisperbloom in Central Encampment in Emerald Dream (/way 49.78, 62.12) and Sylvia Whisperbloom in Wildling Garden in Emerald Dream (/way 59.75, 16.89). You earn Seedbloom by completing an Emerald Bounty. Emerald Bounties are the Dreamseed Soil, that you grow three different types of seed in (common, rare, epic seed). You will be rewarded with Seedbloom. This might change since it is in the PTR and right now on the PTR, the Seedbloom are removed as reward. 

Thank you Lazey and TooLock for helping finding these <3

23 Oct 2023