How to Farm LOADS of 418 (upgrade to 437) ilvl Gear BoE

Slumbering Dream Fragment is an item that you can get in 10.2. Combining 5 of these items, you will get a treasure chest called Renewed Dream. This chest can contain:

  • BoE 418 ilvl 2/8 Explorer (437 ilvl max upgrade without any crests)
  • BoE 421 ilvl 3/8 Explorer (437 ilvl max upgrade without any crests)The slots I have seen are- Rings- Feet- Waist- Wrist- Chest
  • Grotto Netherwing Drake: Barbed Tail
  • Plump Dreamseed
  • Small Dreamseed
  • Grotto Netherwing Drake: SHort Horns
  • Grotto Netherwing Drake: Triple Spiked Crest

How to farm Slumbering Dream Fragment (Renewed Dream)

The Slumbering Dream Fragment can drop from many sources such as treasures, rares, seed reward, random mobs BUT there is a special way to farm LOADS of them. 

When the Emerald Frenzy event is up (this event always starts directly after the Superbloom event), go there and kill as many mobs as you can tied to that event for 10 minutes. I got more than 100 Slumbering Dream Fragments when farming alone. You can do it in a group so you kill more and loot more. 

27 Sep 2023