7.3: How to earn/grind Veiled Argunites

You get Veiled Argunites from:

  • Quests (the storyline and side quests)
  • Treasure chests in Argus (8-10)
  • World quests (45)
  • Rare Elite mobs (rare spawns) (20)
  • Order Hall missions (20+)
  • Armyof the light "Emissary" and Argussian Reach "Emissary" (125)
  • A new shoulder enchant called Boon of the Steadfast. This enchant allows the wearer to obtain Argunite Clusters from corpses of their enemies. I dont have this yet, but my guess is that you can loot Veiled Argunites when you have this enchant. 

There is a zone in Antoran Wastes that contains Elite mobs. They have a very small drop chance to drop 1 Veiled Argunite.
The amount and drop chance might change when 7.3 hits live. If so, this will be a very good farming place.

2 Aug 2017