How to Buy EVERYTHING in Darkmoon Faire in ONE DAY

There is a tactic in which you can get an unlimited amount of Darkmoon PriceTickets. This tactic can already be prepared before The War Within goes live. When The World Within goes live (even Prepactch), you will be able to receive currencies from your other characters in your account. The only requirement is that you must have that currency on the characters that you want to receive it on. Darkmoon Prize Tickets is one of the currencies that you can receive from other characters in the same account. 

There are various amount of ways to farm Darkmoon Prize Tickets and the two best ones are: 

The “Faded Treasure Map” quest that rewards 100 Darkmoon Prize Tickets when completed. This quest can only be completed once per character. But if you run out of characters, you can just create level 1 characters and complete it. it works. 

Here is a description by commentators in wowhead on how to get the quest and complete it: click on the comments below to find useful information given by players. 

The other way is to buy special quests in the actionhouse that you just turn it directly and get rewarded with Darkmoon Prize Tickets. There are 9 quests that you can buy and complete once a month. This rewards a total of 80 Darkmoon Prize Tickets. Here is a description by piraka810, on wowhead comments on the names of all those quests and how much they reward each: 

So you can start collecting all the Darkmoon Prize Tickets already now before The War Within goes live and then dump it all to the characters you want. 

7 Jul 2024